Thursday, October 13, 2011

24: The List -Your cell phone number available to everybody?

24. Oh yeah! So today I just found out that Koreans put their cell phone number on the windshield. Why? Well, Korea is a small country and it is very hard to find parking. So people park anywhere as long as it doesn’t block streets of course, even if that means that they block other cars. And so, if a car that is blocked needs to leave, what do they do? They go to the car that is blocking them, get the cell phone number of the owner from the windshield, call them, and voilà the owner will come and move his/her car. Useful? Yes. Downside? According to my co-T many people get spam text messages because of this. Safe? My co-T says that she never thought of that because everybody does it. I told her the “what if” story about rapists and such, and she said that maybe there could be a problem (she said this after thinking about it for while). Another thing Koreans do, but only if they are blocking another car, is to leave their cars on “neutral” so that it can be moved. This means that the other person will need to push the car aside. Interesting…

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