Sunday, October 16, 2011

It was a Beast of a Saturday!

I didn't really had plans for this weekend. Since I'm low on cash and I want to save for the Busan Fireworks Festival on the 29th, I though I would just stay home, do laundry, improve some lesson plans, and clean. 

Friday I just went grocery shopping. I went to Home Plus downtown and I was on the hunt for some cereal with lots of fiber. I found one, and it of course tastes like cardboard, but it'll do the job. The first time I went to Home Plus, Ana and I found some frijoles...what, frijoles? Yeah, baked beans! I didn't buy them because, well to be honest, I don't miss them that bad yet hahaha.

Saturday I woke up, I cleaned my tiny studio and I started doing laundry. I then received a FB message from my friend Joyana inviting me to the Asian Song Festival in Daegu. I had to decline first because like I said, no money. But she generously offered to treat me and I did not hesitate to say yes hehehe. The concert itself was free, she helped me with transportation =) that's a friend right there!

Before I forget, on my way to the bus terminal, I took this picture of produce vendors. This is how they set up their little shops on the streets. There are some markets, but these guys are all over the city.

Anyways, Joyana and I hopped on a bus and we were on our way to Daegu! When we got there, I was honestly expecting way more screaming 13 year old girls. We exchanged our coupons for tickets and headed to the entrance....and then I saw the crowd haha. We could not get in right away because they were going by sections, we were section A32.
 Daegu Stadium

We got some snacks as we waited in line because we were soooo hungry. I bought some sweet potato chips and Joyana got some chicken bites. Which by the way, comes with some pepsi. It's interesting the way they give it you. They put the pepsi in a big cup (but don't fill it up of course), and then put the chicken bites on a small cup and mount the two. But how do you drink your pepsi? Well they make a whole on the cup with the chicken and put a straw through it so that you can enjoy your pepsi.
 sweet potato chips
notice the two mounted cups and the straw, cool uh?

This girl in front of us had this jacket, I thought it was hilarious!

Anyways, this waiting in line thing was taking forever! Joyana had friends waiting for us inside already and they told us that they weren't even checking the tickets. Since they were letting in people section by section, we figured, why not tag along the next group that goes in? We thought about if for a sec, and we decided to go for it! I was a bit nervous (we went in with section B), but we went in with no problems hehehe, they barely took a look at our tickets. 

They were going to escort us to another section, but as soon as we got the chance we left to go find Joyana's friends. They had sweet seats!

We got free blankets!

 Glow sticks everywhere!

 Oh and we got a free glow stick too

The show started, and OMG! You know how on TV they will show screaming Asian girls over artists? I honestly thought this was made up or exaggerated for TV, but ooooh nooo! These girls!! They were melting! They were about to burst out in tears! They didn't know what to do with themselves when a band like Beast, Girls Generation, and Super Junior were on! My ears were ringing after all that screaming around us!...But it did remind me of 13 year-old-Selene at a concert back in the day haha.

At one point, I had to go to the bathroom and of course there was a long line. I waited, but then they announced that Girls Generation was about to perform and half the line left! hehehe.

Me and Joyana =)

We were enjoying the concert when all of a sudden it started raining! Boooooo!! We had to move to another section :/

The concert ended at around 10:30pm with Super Junior saying why they liked Daegu. Oh but before that, they greeted the audience and one of them said something in Spanish lol. I was not able to make it out too well, something about "gracias por recibirnos...estamos contentos de estar aqui."

When we left, it was still raining and it was windy...not a good day to wear my TOMs =(, our free blankets helped a bit. Joyana had suggested earlier to spend the night clubbing or something in Daegu, but we felt so miserable in the rain that we decided to leave.

It was a total adventure trying to find a taxi. We had to walk so much! At one point we jaywalked because we saw a taxi on the other side of the road, but a cop on the other side started yelling at us hahaha. Joyana was like "taxi! there! we are cold!" I though "oooh shit, we're gonna get a ticket"...but no, he left hehehe.

When finally a taxi stopped for us, we quickly rushed inside. Noella told the driver where we needed to go, but the driver looked like he wanted to say something. We then understood that it was too many of us in the taxi, 5, when he could only have 4. But of course we quickly made puppy eyes and said "pleeeease". He hesitated for a bit, I though he was going to kick us out of the taxi. But then he said that he would charge 15,000W, double what it should be, but we took the offer.

Joyana and I were lucky enough to catch the last bus out of Daegu to Pohang. Some girls had to sit in the aisle because there were no more seats. But we got home safely =).

I do have to say that I did like some of the songs at the concert. One of Super Junior's song sounded like it could've been part of Justin Timberlake's FutureSex LoveSounds. The artists that were making their debut all had playback which did not surprised me. Only one band really irritated me, it was a Japanese girl band. OMG their voices were horrible, not because they were off tune, but because it sounded like Barbie dolls singing! Too high pitched! When they greeted the audience I though that they would sound normal, but no!!! That WAS their voice! I don't have much to say about the music. I enjoyed the experience of being at the concert, but my mind has not changed about the music. 

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