Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My dose of Spanish

    One thing I can definitely not live without is speaking Spanish (if I really wanted I could go without cheese and coffee believe it or not). It's my native language, my inspiration, my essence, and sometimes I just have to express some things in Spanish because English will not do the job.
    My first 2 weeks in Korea I went about without saying a whole sentence in Spanish. I occasionally used taco, burrito, cerveza, and such, but not enough to keep me satisfied. I actually started writing in Spanish so that at least I could keep myself from going insane. Then I discovered that one of my neighbors speaks Spanish! She is from El Salvador and grew up in Florida. I was so relieved to find this out.
   Then, it got even better. Ana invited me to a ....wait for it......Spanish Club!!!!!!!!! Spanish Club in Pohang? I KNOW! Ana told me about it and I didn't hesitate to say yes. So yesterday we headed to downtown and met up with 4 other people: Rob from the Dominican Republic, Andoni from Mexico, Anita from Seoul (oh yeah, she is Korean and speaks fluent Spanish, she lived in Costa Rica), and Ju Hong Jung (who lived in DF for a short time and has a husband who speaks Spanish). My my, I honestly was not expecting to meet more than one Spanish speaker, but to meet 4 more...somebody heard my prayers. And even though this was the first meeting of the club, it totally felt right.
    After that, I honestly felt more at home, well more comfortable being in Korea at least.


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