Monday, October 10, 2011


My first weekend in Pohang I went on a tour of the city, it was only 3,000W (a bit under $3 hehehe). My co-teacher made a reservation for me, and so, I went on my own adventure. I first made my way to the Train Station, my first time using public transportation! I got there and saw the bus, I asked whether that was the bus for the tour and the driver said yes. Of course, when I said ask, I mean using hand gestures and showing the paper my co-teacher had given me. When I got on the bus, it was full of old Korean ladies who looked at me like "who are you?". Well, they were actually really nice, one of them came up to me and gave me candy. Throughout the tour, I felt like they were taking care of me because they knew I did not speak Korean, which meant I was not understanding the guide at all.
   Our first stop waas Posco, the steel company. We went to a museum first and then took a 20 min tour inside the facilities.

Posco plant

The next stop was Guryongpo. It was a small little fishing town where we saw some buildings that had Japanese influence (see below).

                                                           We went up these stairs which had Chinese writing to the sides.

                                                                            The town from above
                               I made friends with two nice Korean girls who spoke English and we went for lunch, we of course had some delicious sea food. The main dish (not in the pic) was raw fish, or hue. I also tried sea escargots which, to be hoenest, tasted better than french escargots.

        Our third stop was Homigot. It's a cute little town that is historical because it is where the first lighthouse of Korea was built (see below).
                                                             A museum by the  lighthouse.
                                                                  The wish tree.
This is another cool thing in Homigot. This is called the Hands of Harmony sculpture; one is in the water, the other on land.

Lighthouse door
Can you guess what these are? They are whale teeth.... I know, uh?
                                                                           On our way home, we stopped at this random house where they told us that it was remodeled because it was in really bad condition...and now it has fake fruit hanging from the roof.
                                         This was our last stop in the Pohang Bay. It's a battle ship turned museum. First one I've been to even though I have the USS Midway at home lol.
My new friends!

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