Friday, November 4, 2011

29. Sentitive = anal, 30. El que llama paga

29.       I've heard some of my co-workers use the adjective "sensitive" to describe either the principal, their students, or other people. At first, I was not too sure about what exactly they were trying to convey by that description. I thought it meant, well, what it's supposed to mean, so I did not give it much thought, though it did not make too much sense. And besides, I did not want to inquire about any further because when I've asked before for better explanations, they try, but give up right away if they can't find the words.
      So the other day with my fourth graders, I wrote on the board "I can swim". The way I write my "I"s however, is without the top line, and OMG did the students let me know!! As soon as I finished, they yelled out "Teacher! Teacher!' and had this "O_o?" face about them. I asked "what?" and they kept pointing at the board, and then I heard "I, I, I"...I thought "Oh gosh, really??" hahahaha. I fixed it and all I heard was a sigh of relief. I then wrote "I can jump" and just to taunt them, I purposely left the "I" with no "top," and yes, I once again had screaming children "Teacher! Teacher!"
      I moved on to the next activity, and while they worked on it, I walked towards the homeroom teacher and the first thing she said was, "the students are a bit sensitive." I was a somewhat confused by this adjective to describe the students, and since that teacher's English is very good, I asked "what exactly do you mean by that?" She said, "Sensitive, to have things perfect...when they told you about the "I"s," and then she asked, "or is there a better way to describe this?" ..and then it clicked. I remembered when another teacher used that word to describe the principal, and it totally made sense.
     Sensitive means anal! Simple as that. The students are anal about how Roman letters are supposed to be written, which kind of makes sense because they are learning a new language and it's odd for them to see it written differently. But at the same time, they also take shortcuts when they write Hangul mmmm. And the principal is anal about, well everything apparently. My co-workers like to use that word a lot to describe him hahaha.
     ...I guess their thesaurus would not give them "anal" as a better synonym....You are welcome! =)

30. I was so happy to find out that even though I only get 300 mins of air time and 300 text messages, it's all "el que llama, paga," which means I don't get charged for incoming calls or received texts...cinco mas cinco, yes!! Thank goodness, 'cuz my bank sends me texts every time I use my debit card, and I've been getting quite an amount of spam text messages :/.

YAY it's Friday! ....AND classes were cancelled today, woot woot!!!!!!!!!!!!

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