Saturday, November 12, 2011

31. PCs and Pesky Computer Viruses

31.   One thing about Korean internet, they ONLY like internet explorer as a browser ....problem? I think so!!! IE is one of the most vulnerable browsers out there, and though Korea is allegedly one of the most wired countries (probably because its a small country), their preference for IE is disappointing to say the least. Some Korean websites ONLY work with IE... so much for the technologically advanced Korea.  On a side note, the other day my "handler" was helping me set up an app on my iphone. I had Firefox opened because we needed to log in to Olleh's website. But as soon as she looked at my monitor she frantically looked for IE on my desktop. I guess people are even scared of using other browsers they are unfamiliar with. I would too, but they really be more afraid of IE!
     Back to the subject, being in Korea, one is bound to get a virus, especially in PCs with the combination of IE.  My mac has been safe oh-thank-Tom-Cruise, I refuse to install IE, which means I can't do some things on my mac like my online banking. But that's OK, I have lots of free time at work, so I can survive doing my online banking only at work. The only problem could be that in a case of an emergency, I'm screwed.
   But anyways, it was only a matter of time before I'd encounter a virus. Last weekend I completed a painful online training through the epik website on my mac (using safari of course). When I got to work on Monday, I went into the epik website to print my certificate of completion. As soon as I clicked "print", my work computer fell to an unmerciful virus. I could not open any program; it all became goo. An antivirus  program popped out saying my computer had been shit! This program was the disguise and I knew clicking on it would only make matters worse. I quickly told my co-worker who sits next to me; first thing she says , "click on that program!"....hello lady THAT IS the virus! Do people here really don't recognize a virus?...This is the same woman who once said "we are women, we don't get technology" and laughed...joke is on you lady, 'cause I do get technology and I am a woman!
   Anyways, thank goodness my other co-worker knows a lot about computers and came to my rescue. Only problem is, his solution: wipe out the hard drive and reinstall Windows. Greeeat all my files were gone. Though I didn't have too many files, I had some stuff I did not want to lose, ugh. Upside to this whole ordeal, my co-worker installed Windows 7 Enterprise, upgrade from XP :).  Aaaaand with W7 I was able to change the interface from Korean to English, muahahahaha no more windows' messages in Korean; now I know what I click on! I had asked my coworker to install windows in English, but his response was "for next teacher, no English". Yeeeeaaaah I'm planning to be here one year and I do not feel like guessing what I click on for the next effin year. Good I did not mention  I am a novice computer geek (i.e. google and I are bffs), so I found out how to change the language on my own! ....suckaaaaa!... Aaaand I was also able to install Microsoft in English! Thanks Mely for sending me the CD!!!
    It was funny that my coworker's buddy just happened to have W7 available; now I know why half the computers at work have XP and the other half has W7: whenever they get a virus, they just reformat the computer.
    One more thing, I was told I could not install my own antivirus; I can only use the antivirus programs that the school pays for, which is crap because they don't work.  They told me that its even illegal, but I think I'll install it anyways and play the "oh I misunderstood" card.
     Moral of the story: backup all files! Dropbox to the rescue!

OK, movie time =)
night night!

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