Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Baby you're a firework

        This past weekend Ana and I went to Busan...yes AGAIN! hehehe. We went to see the Annual Busan Fireworks Festival. I had no idea why they have this festival, but then I read that it's to commemorate the APEC meeting that took place in 2005.
       Our plan was to only go for the day and catch the last bus back to Pohang (yeah, that didn't happen!...more on that later). I also made plans to meet with my good friend Young...finally! I met Young back in 2007 in SD when she was a student of ALI, well I actually met her through Jimmy and Irene ^^. By the way, when I was in Paris in 2008, we had a little reunion. Young visited Irene, and since Jimmy and I were there, we all got to hang out...oh the memories. So I called her up and we arranged to have lunch and to go shopping since she knows where the cheaper stores are (oh I just got paid last week n.n ).
       So we got there and Young met us at the Bus terminal. Aaah I was so excited to see her!! ...and I could not believe that we were seeing each other in Korea.

Young and me

        She remembered that I don't eat meat so she recommended a vegan restaurant in the university area. And OMG, I am impressed! I did not think I would have a veggie burger in Korea! I loved it, it was so yummy! It had a thin apple slice inside, which I thought was odd, but it actually turned out very tasty.
all vegan!

     We then started shopping! At first I was excited, but then I got a little frustrated. So far in Korea, I've only shopped at a department store (where everything is freaking expensive), but shopping at the "cheaper" stores is a trip! Yes, you can get good deals (like a got 2 long sleeve shirts for like $4.5 each). BUT, the stores are not really stores, they are tiny tiiiiny boutiques, and there are endless alleys of these. So we had to go into MANY in order to find things we liked :/. The second thing about shopping in Korea, ONE size items...... -_- no bueno. Have you seen my curvy body?? Yeah, those clothes for the most part won't fit me, unless they are super stretchy and I can pull them off without looking like a sausage! Oh and one more thing, these boutiques do not have dressing rooms, so I can't even try to see whether an item will really fit or not....ugh! If there is one thing I hate, is buying something super cute without trying it on first, get home, and find out I look ridiculous. But anyways, I settled for buying those shirts and 3 sweaters, which I will definitely need this winter. When I got home, I immediately tried everything on and to my surprise they fit, except for one of the sweaters which had shorter sleeves, but I think I can pull it off like that heheh. So there you have it, my first experience shopping for bargains. Overall, I spend about 50,000W ($45ish), which is not bad at all for 2 sweaters and 3 shirts.

Mini pancakes in the shape of peanuts with a peanut inside..yum!

    We then headed to a cafe for some recharge. Look at this place! It's the cutest thing ever!...even the spoons were in the shape of a heart. Each table had it's own individual room with couches....America, your cafes need improvement! With our order we got a free cookie (a soft chocolate cookie btw, just the way I like them) and toast hehehe (free stuff rules!).

          Ana's shaved ice dessert...oh em gee, look at all that delicious stuff!

it's a korean thing hehe

Notice the doors, those are the individual rooms
               After that, we were supposed to continue shopping, but we decided to go to Gwangalli Beach for the fireworks because it was getting late...and oh boy, am I glad we got there at the time we did, though it would've been better to have been there earlier. The crowd was huuuuuuuuuuge!...and add that it was raining, so it was a mess! We had no idea where we could find a good spot, there was people everywhere! We wanted a view of Diamond Bridge, but we had no idea where to move, so we settled for a spot where there were others just standing there. We waited for about 40mins, and then the show started. I gotta say, I've never seen the sky that bright due to fireworks. It was beautiful, the "ooh"s and the "ahh"s never stopped...The show lasted about 40mins, and the grand finale was amazing!

       When the show ended, of course everybody was headed to the subway, but we decided to wait a bit and have dinner somewhere near....but it was a battle zone! We walked against the crowd and it felt like a mosh pit. I had to use my umbrella to poke people because they were pushing so hard! I kept saying "don't push!"...only once did I get a "sorry" hahaha...but we finally found a sandwich shop and sat for dinner.
        By subway, we were about 40 mins away from the bus terminal, plus 10mins to walk from there to the subway station, plus 5 to run from the subway station, to ticket counter, to bus. We though the last bus was a t 11:40 (we "thought" so because it said so on their website :/ ). With about 50 mins, we started walking to the subway terminal...yeah, you can guess what happens next. We ran to the ticket counter, we where there at 11:30ish, but what did they say? "no Pohang, closed", the bus had just left because the last was at 11:30...eeeffff!
        We first thought about going to the nearest jimjilbang (a korean style bathhouse), but Young graciously offered her studio apartment. And so, we were off to Young's casa ^_^.


           The next morning, we decided to do some more touristy stuff...might as well haha. So we grabbed coffee and went to Jalgachi market. It's a pretty cool market, there are all types of fish that you can imagine, even shark and whale! >.<. We then went to have a late breakfast...bibimbap!! 


           We then went to the Busan tower. I wanted to go up on it, but it was 4,000W and I didn't feel like paying haha. So we just enjoyed the view from the bottom of the tower. We noticed tons of locks along the fence, and apparently couples lock them there to symbolize their long lasting love....sure.

      Our last stop was the LOTTE department store to view the biggest waterfall in the world. This thing is impressive! It has music, colorful lighting, and even water coming from the ceiling!

            And so, our weekend came to an end. We said our goodbyes to Young, but agreed to meet again in Pohang (she wants to visit) and in Seoul (she's moving soon, so I'll visit ^_^ ).

I think this weekend I'll stay home, I;v been going out a lot and my body needs rest -_-...


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