Sunday, November 6, 2011

Epic win for Selene!

       48 days....48 days since I've had beans. Yes, it matters to me, I'm Mexican heellloooooo >.<. What's more, beans and rice have been my staple food since I became pescetarian.
      From my last post, I mentioned that a co-worker told me that pinto beans' season is summer and that I would have to wait in order to buy some....bummer.
      This weekend I decided to stay home and catch up on my online training (well, start it actually hahaha), catch up on music, and watch some TV...I also need to save money lol. Since I hadn't been to the local produce market, Jukdo Market, I decided to visit it and take a walk on Saturday morning. I wasn't expecting to buy anything, I just wanted to take a look at what it had to offer. And though my co-worker had told me that is where I would be able to find pinto beans in the summer, I had a little bit of hope I would come across the last of the pinto beans from the summer.
     The market has 3 main parts, fish section, produce section, and clothing/etc. section, but you can pretty much find anything you are looking for there. I came across a stand that was selling beans, but it was a mix of beans: red, black, white, and a tiny tiny amount of pinto beans. I thought about buying some and picking out the pinto beans, but the amount it had was too little, so I would need to buy tons in order to get a decent pot :/.
Jukdo Market


       But then, when I left the market and walked to the main street, something caught my eye. An ajuma (Korean older lady) was selling what looked like...wait for it....pinto beans!!!  She immediately noticed that my eyes twinkled when I saw them and made a "4" with her fingers...4,000W ($3.5). I did not hesitate to pay that much for the small amount of beans...who cares, it was pinto beans!! So I took my little bag of raw pinto beans and headed home with the biggest smile on my face...oh man, I could savor the beans already!
        I got home and now I had to figure out had to cook the little suckers. If only I had paid attention when my Mom cooked them, should've known. I can hear her now, "Vez? Para que no pones atencion? Te dije!" So here I was staring at a bag full of raw pinto beans and wondering whether I should look up youtube video or call my mom...I did both.
        When I said to my Mom "I bought beans" she didn't let me finish and quickly added "and you don't know how to cook them"...oh moms know everything. She vaguely told me how to cook them, but I was still unsure about the amount of water and the time it would take, so I looked up youtube videos.
       This is my first attempt EVER at cooking beans....go figure this epic rite of passage would take place in Korea. So yes, I documented the whole process; and in honor of this rite of passage, here are the pictures. You also have to understand one thing, I don't cook much back home, just ask my Mom, so I am very proud of anything I cook and comes out good.

Clean, rinse, drain and soak for 8 hrs

I was a bit worried when I saw them after 10 mins of soaking, they were all wrinkly. But 2 hours in, they got all plump and nice again.

After 8hrs, I dumped the water they were soaking in and added water at about 2 inches above the beans.

Oh I also put half an onion, it's unnecessary according to my mom, but I just wanted to see the difference.
 I let the water come to a boil (~10mins) and when it did, I turned down the flame and let it simmer for about 1 hour. At 50 mins in, I added 1 full table spoon of salt. 

One hour and my beans were ready!! This is the finished product...and my apartment smells like home =)

My delicious breakfast on Sunday morning

What's for lunch today? Bean and cheese burritoooooooooooos!!!!!!....I think I'm getting a little teary...

Side note: after Jukdo Market I went to a store called LPM which a friend had told me about where they sell cheap clothing, and I bought socks for 1,000w each! (~$.80) you know what everybody is getting as souvenirs!

new TRAND fashion shopping mall....gotta love Engrish


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