Friday, November 11, 2011

Pepero day and Korean SATs

Hello everybody!
     First of all, Happy Pepero Day!!!...Do you know what Poki sticks are? Those Japanese chocolate covered sticks? Well, Peperos are the same thing, just the Korean version ...*cough copy cats cough*. Anyways, so this holiday is like Valentine's. Friends and couples give each other Pepero, and well, that's about all that happens I romantic dinners, no surprises, no movies.
    So Pepero Day is celebrated on 11/11 because the sticks resemble one's, so four Pepero sticks together equal 11/11....clever hahahaha. Needless to say, I got tons of Pepero today, I am set for the next couple weeks! need to buy snacks muahahaha.

    If you read Wikipedia's page on Pepero, you'll read that some want to the alternative "Garaetteok Day" to stop the consumption of junk food....screw you! I want Pepero. It would be like getting fruit and toothbrushes on Halloween.

     On a more serious note, yesterday was an important day in Korea, a real important day. High schoolers took their version of the SATs, but man oh man, do Americans have it easy. Apparently, this exam decides their rest of their lives, if they fail it, not only do they do not get to go to a university, they also fail life (according to them), their parents, and their school. Unfortunately, because of the pressure that is put on the students, around this time, suicide rates increase among teenagers. I don't work at a high school, so I can't really give you a first hand experience of what students go through, but a fellow EPIKer wrote a blog about it. So here is the link, read it, or at least watch the video.
SAT Exams in Korea

What do you think?

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