Friday, November 4, 2011

Pseudo Mexican Food

       The minute I heard I could buy tortillas at my local supermarket, I was there! I found them in the frozen section, which I thought was odd because I NEVER freeze tortillas. But it made sense I guess to keep them frozen if not too many people buy them. So I got myself a bag and paid around $4.5.
       Of course, I knew not to expect great flavor, they looked like the Tia Rosa/Guerrero stuff. I was actually expecting to have that reaction when I first had Guerrero tortillas: UGH! but being here I cannot be picky -_-, so I told myself I would give them a try and perhaps these can somewhat satisfy my need to taste Mexican food.

       I also bought cheese, "pizza cheese," which is all the store had. It looked kind of funny and dry, but again, I told myself I needed to try it and then take it from there.

"pija cheese-uh" <-seriously, that's what it says haha

       And then, Ana's friend gave her some cilantro. It was too much for her so she shared it with me...yup, right away I thought, QUESADILLAS!...I thought about it the whole day at work today (since my classes were cancelled, I just sat in my desk for 8 hrs with nothing to do!)
       So I heated up my pan and threw in a frozen tortilla. No need to explain how I made my quesadilla, that should be clear hahaha.

And this was the finished product:

I think I over did it with the cilantro, I even put it on my salad hahaha...who cares, it's cilantro!

        I don't know if I've been in Korea for a while now that my taste buds have been skewed, but it was delicious! I even want to say that there was not much difference from when I quesadillas with Guerrero tortillas. So I give it a 9 out of 10....yes, it was that good hahaha. It's only been a little over a month, but I have heard that the longer I'm here, the better wannabe western food tastes.
         Whatever, now I know I can have quesadillas whenever I want.....arriba arriba! I'm on a hunt for pinto beans!....I actually heard that I can buy pinto beans here, but in the summer =( waaaaaaaaaaaa gotta wait almost a whole year!

       I think it's funny I write about the lamest things such as making quesadillas in Korea, but trust me, it's a big deal here.


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