Monday, December 12, 2011

Bulguksa, Lunar Eclipse, and dumpster diving

     This past weekend Chai-Kyu (my "handler") invited me to go to Gyeongju. I was super excited because everybody who has gone has said that it's really beautiful and a nice town. Gyeongju was the headquarters for the Silla Dynasty, so it is filled with historical buildings, museums, tombs, temples, art, etc.

      Bulguksa temple is in the UNESCO Heritage List.

     Chai-Kyu also invited another teacher, Soojin (who is part of my Teacher's class on Fridays) and her husband. Soojin's husband, Mr. E, speaks really good English, is a social studies teacher, AND is a certified tour guide. You know what that meant!...private tour guide muahahahaha.
Chai-Kyu, me, and Soojin

      We left Pohang at 10am and arrived at Bulguksa Temple at around 11. The temple grounds were kind of small, but we were there for about 2 and half hours. Mr. E explained soooo many things about the temple and Buddhism that it made the experience that much better. I had been to temples before, but I had not idea that they had such rich meaning behind them (well, of course I knew there would be history, I just didn't know anything about them).
Mr. E, me, and Soojin

      We then went to have a delicious Sambap meal and makgeolli, a rice alcohol drink. And for the second round we went to the Hilton Hotel for coffee. Oh man, in there it really felt like Christmas! I wanted to stay in there til Christmas hahaha. But the coffee was expensive!

finally, a nice big xmas tree!

my 9,500 won cappuccino

      That was pretty much it. Chai-Kyu had told me that we would do other stuff, but we didn't even go into town! Oh well, I guess I can go back on my own.
       I then found out that there was going to be a Lunar eclipse!!! Ana and I headed to the roof of our building to get a look of it. Man, was it cold! We did not want to be freezing the whole time, so we made hourly trips, starting at 8:30pm. By 11:30 it was pretty sweet! The moon was all red. I would've loved to have gotten good pictures, but my camera sucks so this is the best I could do.
by 9:30


      On Sunday, Ana and I met up with May at the Lotte Department Store in Pohang. I hadn't been there yet, so I got to explore the 9-story department store. I didn't buy anything, we just ate at the food court. Even though there was a "Premium Sale," everything was super expensive! Ugh! Gosh, do I miss the mall!!!!!!
      On our way back home, we saw some furniture out on the side of the road. It looked in OK condition so we thought we would take some of it hahaha. We had to make two trips because I wanted a cupboard, which was pretty hefty. We had to walk about 3 blocks and it was freezing outside!
      Having worked in a restaurant, I knew I had to bend my knees to lift, but I was wearing jeans....yup, my jeans ripped!!! I looove those jeans!! waaaa =(. But oh man, you should've seen us trying to carry this stuff! It was hilarious...simply because we felt silly haha. And then when we got to the building, the stupid door would not stay open for long, so the door closed on us half way!...elevator door!
     So I got a cupboard and a coffee table, and Ana got two rectangle wooden looking boxes, which I guess she can stack to use as shelfs. We just have to wipe them clean with some of that wood cleaning stuff. Thank goodness it's winter and bugs are dead, so no need to be scared of creepy crawlers popping out.
     Ana said that sometimes during Lunar year (which is coming up soon) and Chuseok (in September), Koreans buy new furniture so they just throw out their old stuff. Guess I will be having more dumpster diving adventures soon muaahahaha. I mean, why buy stuff if this is not my permanent home?

   By the way, here are my other X-mas decorations I have in my apartment. My skills as an amateur arts and crafts geek came in handy hehehe.

I made a 3D star out of paper...all you need is 6 sheets of paper, scissors, and a stapler!

 I bought origami paper and cut out stars and little circles to make this pattern to put on my wall.

And I also made snowflakes from white paper. Here is the finished product...yes, now it feels like Christmas!!

Oh em gee, 6 days left of school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Night night!!

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