Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Winter Solstice Day!

      I take back my comment about badminton being boring. Since this week my co-worker and I have to desk warm, we got bored really fast so we decided to play badminton. At first I was whatevs about it, but let me tell you, it is freaking fuuun!! We renamed it "noisy badminton" though because both of us make ridiculous noises when we hit the little flying thing, Kristin in Korean, me in Spanish hahaha.
    Today is the winter solstice and Koreans have the superstition that evil spirits come on this day. So to ward them off, they eat red bean porridge, or something with red bean. Kristin explained it as red=scary color=no evil spirits.
   Since school is out, but we are stucked here deskwarming, lunch is not served. We are allowed to go off campus so today we went to a little restaurant to eat our red bean meal, we had red bean buksu (noodles). It tasted pretty much like frijoles de la olla, just add flour noodles and little chewy rice balls, so not bad at all, some corn tortillas would have complemented it much better lol. I could not finish the big bowl though, it was waaaay too much.
     Anyways, when we came back to school, we went to the gym to play badminton. Ten minutes in we heard noises. I asked Kristin if she had heard them too and she said yes, and then she added "somebody is watching us....but don't worry, we ate red bean, we'll be ok"


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