Monday, December 26, 2011

Korean Christmas

     I was honestly thinking that this was going to be a pathetic Christmas since I am away from home for the first time during the Holidays. Christmas is my favorite holiday because it is when I get to see a lot of my family together. Best of all, we make and eat lots of food...Mexican tamales, yum, ponche, yum! So yes, I was somewhat depressed for a bit, but then I though that I should make the best out of a bad situation.

    I spent Christmas Eve in Daegu with a friend, and let me tell you, Korean Christmas was not bad at all. We went to an Australian pub called Sydney's and we they had a little buffet set up. My friend knows the owners and they were super friendly, they even offered to lower the price for me because I don't eat meat.

    Anyways, the rest of the night was pretty awesome. We ate, drank, played games, met some cool people, and got free drinks from the owners and other new friends. I also did one thing I hadn't done in a while on Christmas, I stayed up 'til I saw daylight =P....oh the old days in Escondido when my cousins and I would have a fire and stay up roasting marshmallows and stargazing.

    I do have to admit that I did not make it through this weekend without crying. My mom sent me a text that did it for me. I also got an awesome gift from my lovely sisters hehehe. They made a Christmas music medley video and danced and sang like the silly people they are...I love it!!! Best Christmas present ever.

    On Christmas day, we went to look for dinner and omg, I had never seen this many people out and about on Christmas day. So for me, this confirms that Christmas is not that big here, otherwise they'd be home eating leftovers and watching movies with the family. It's ok, I don't blame them, I know not everybody celebrates it like we westerners do. And though there were more decorations in Daegu, it still did not feel Christmassy.

    When I got back to Pohang I stopped by my neighbor's, Matt, place to greet some of my other neighbors; they cooked dinner and other goodies, yum!

     I had to leave early-ish because the next day (today), I had work. Work after Christmas Day???! Whyyyy goooood whyyyyy!!?!!?!??!...I'm not a big fan of the grown up life at this point :/. But as I was walking towards my place, I remembered I had forgotten to prepare my power point presentation for today's lesson on shopping.   Waaaaaaa I had to stay up one more hour to do it. Oh man I was so tired today because even though I slept a decent amount of hours last night, I only had a couple of hours of sleep two nights ago. Needless to say, today's lesson went kind of bad. I had misspellings, I had different dialogues on my PPp than on the worksheets, and students were shy being the first day and all.
      All in all, it was a good Christmas, I had awesome people around me and delicious food, which is what Christmas is about for me. My loved ones know how much I miss them, but we know that there are many more Christmases to come ^____^ and I am looking forward to that!

Merry late Christmas everybody!

Counting the days til I go back to SD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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