Saturday, December 3, 2011

The list continues!

34. Napkins.
      I think when Koreans travel to the US they might think that we Americans waste so much paper. So the topic of this item on the list is napkins, why!?...because napkins are almost nonexistent here in Korea. At my school, for example, there are no napkins available at the table. Kids wipe their mouths with the hands and so do adults. And take into consideration that a lot of Korean food has some kind of sauce so it can get a bit messy. There are two TPs hanging by the two exits (along with mirrors), so when students and staff leave the cafeteria, some of them grab a few squares and wipe their mouths.
     At some restaurants there are napkins, but don't expect a nice thick napkin that will get you through the whole meal. The napkins they have are super thin and are the size of a TP square. The times I've gone out to eat with Koreans, they don't use them too much, and when they do, it's at the end of the meal. I almost feel weird having a bunch of them crumpled next to my plate.
     I've also had a couple meals in Korean homes and they didn't offer napkins. I hate using my hands to keep wiping the sides of my mouth in front of people!
     And also, don't expect to find a big pack of napkins at the local supermarket. I've actually haven't seen any. The only ones I've seen and bought are those big paper towel rolls.
     Mely, you would not survive a meal here in Korea hahaha.
Napkins and the service button
35. Call service buttons.
      I should've mentioned this earlier because when I saw it, I thought it was one of the most amazing things in the world. This relates back to the item about the amazing costumer service in Korea by the way.

       So when you go to a restaurant in Korea (almost ALL restaurants have this), you take a sit and a waiter will most likely come by to give you a menu and take drink orders. When you are ready to order, you do NOT wait for the waiter to come by, what do you do? You push this wonderful button and voila, a waiter comes running to your table to take your order....and I mean the waiters RUSH to your table. Need a refill? Push the button. Need more ketchup? Push the button!
       I sometimes still forget that the button is there because I'm not used to such amazing invention, so I'll be waiting for the waiter to come by like an idiot haha. But seriously, this thing should be made available in the States. We would not have to wait to ask for more bread and I bet lazy waiters would get way more tips if they respond to it they should be.

The double rainbow that greeted me on Friday morning =)

ice tube = ais tiub buuaahaaahahaha

My first Korean pizza to go...not bad, but it had a weird sweet kick to it

I went shopping to Olive Young, a store similar to CVS, and since I spent almost 50,000W, they gave me a free goodie bag...nice!

My Christmas tree is up! The holidays are here!

Night night Korea...good morning SD!

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