Thursday, December 1, 2011

Random stuff

         I don't have much to say, so I'm just going to post some pictures of random stuff. I do have to say that I got sick and I've been on Korean meds since Tuesday. What the doctor gave me is not bad, but what the school nurse gave me tasted like crap >.<.
         I probably shouldn't have gone to Daegu last weekend, I was feeling tired, but I did not want to reschedule with Will, AJ, and Julius. And then Monday morning, I knew my record of not-getting-sick had broken (that would be 2 years). I've gotten the sniffles, but nothing too serious. But oh man, on Monday I felt like crap! I taught my classes anyways, but of course, my throat got worse. I went to the nurse and she gave me some capsules and some syrup like stuff. The capsules weren't bad, but the syrup yuk!! On Tuesday, I taught my classes again, and my last bit of energy was quickly drained. Chai-Kyu saw me and said she would take me to the doctor. We went to pediatrician clinic near my house...yeah a pediatrician hahaha. She said it's not worth it to go to the hospital because it looked like I only had the common cold and the pediatrician would prescribe the same stuff as the hospital. He actually spoke pretty good English so I had no trouble explaining my symptoms. So 10 mins and $6 later ($4 for the visit and $2 for medicine....oooh I got to use my Korean medical insurance for the first time hehehe), I was off back to work because it was still before 4:40pm. Since it was barely 2pm. Chai-Kyu, my "handler",  said  I should go to the nurse's office to take a nap. I was expecting those small little beds they have in the US, but to my surprise there were 2 heated twin size beds waiting for me! Pillows and blanket included.  On Wednesday, I don't teach so in the morning I finished some lessons and then I went back to the nurse's office to take a nap....damn that bed was cozy!And so today, I was still not feeling great, so Chai-Kyu suggested I show a movie to my classes and she even forwarded "Gulliver's Travels" with korean subtitles hehehehe.
I now have forks at my casa...yes, I've been using chopsticks and spoons these last 2 months!..I am a pro now =)...but for french toast i neeeed forks!

soju cocktail....slushie and alcohol? I'm in!

My traditional korean breakfast at Julius' house

AJ, Julius, Hoi, and me...I hadn't seen these guys since 2 yrs ago in SD!!!

Will, Julius, Hoi, and me in Daegu!

In front of Julius' parents' restaurant

One of my students drew this...and they say younger generations don't have a grudge anymore...

this was our Thanksgiving dinner (on 11/24)...shabu shabu

Jared and the waitress became friends lol

me and Ana

our Thanksgiving dessert

...and hot cocoa

For some reason Koreans are not big on post cards, so I made my own =)

On Thanksgiving, I called cried of course =(...and Bambino recognized my voice!
Korean Mr. Clean!

no, your eyes are not deceiving you, strawberries are 14,000W (~$13) each little box!

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