Thursday, February 16, 2012

Dream Dragon

Ever had a drink in a cave? a REAL cave?.....I have!

Last weekend since we were bored, Ana, Jared, Matt, and I decided to go to Busan. We've all been there before, so we knew we were pretty much going to walk around and just get away from Pohang.

We started the day by having lunch at Fuzzy Navel Tacos (or FN tacos lol). I had another plate of chimichangas and a yummy margarita! The chimichangas were not as great at the ones from Daegu, but they did the job.

We then walked along Haeundae Beach up to the APEC building where I saw Chente Fox's picture. V...I had no idea Mexico was part of that meeting.

We decided to end the night with something new. We had heard of this bar that's in a cave and heard it was pretty cool...well, it wasn't just cool, it was amazing!

 The bar is called Dream Dragon, and their theme is of course dragons. I wasn't expecting a real cave to be honest because it's in the middle of the city. But wow, that cave was real! Water dripping ceilings and everything!

It is in the shape on an "L" so it seems like you walk and walk and will never reach the end. The tables and stools were made or rock. And it was really humid inside.

I was also expecting a western style bar with cocktails and lots of foreigners, but it was a Korean style bar. And though I was disappointed that I couldn't order a cocktail, I was not disappointed with the makgeolli they had. I was actually glad there were no annoying drunk foreigners, it was pretty quiet and zen ^^

Ana's hair, me, Matt, and Jared (they are my neighbors by the way)

The only thing that sucked was the bus ride back home. There were not enough seats, so the whole ride back we had to be standing....we invented a game to keep ourselves entertained lol.



  1. youu were the anniyingg drunk foreigners jajajaja

  2. Good to see you're having a good time in Korea, Selene. I made some friends there when I was young. Unfortunately, didn't keep in touch with them over the years. Of course, we didn't have computers and facebook back then.
    How long will you be a teacher there?

  3. Hey Chuck!
    Yes! I am having a blast here ^_^. I'm thinking I might stay for two years. However, I get hired at a local university, I might stay a little longer. I doubt that at the moment I'll be able to get a decent teaching job in the I want to travel around Asia hehehe.

    By the way, where were you based?

  4. I wasn't based in Korea, I visited on my submarines. Pusan and Chinhae were the ports that we stopped in. I visited in the late 70s and during the mid-80s on two different subs. Yeah, I know, that was a long time ago.. hehe, so hush, don't need you to rub it in.