Thursday, April 12, 2012

40. cHeRry bLoSsoMs!

Yes my friends who don't live in Asia, it's cherry blossom season!!...and I am in LUV!

I was surprised to find out that cherry blossoms do not last that long, they only stay on the trees for about 2 weeks, maybe less. So it's a must to go out and see them as soon as you can.

The city of Jinhae
My first stop was Jinhae for the Cherry Blossom Festival. The festival itself was not much, the usual and endless food stands and arts and crafts booths with the usual overcrowding. I did however get to buy a coconut milk IN a coconut! My! I hadn't had fresh coconut milk in a was so goood! I wish they would later cut the coconut and serve it with limon y chile, but I guess here people don't care for it because people we just throwing away the coconut after finishing the milk.

Cherry blossoms along the road in Jinhae

Now Jinhae is supposed to have the most beautiful cherry blossoms, but to be honest I was not impressed. They DID look beautiful, buy those trees were deliberately planted along the roads and along the river. I was kind of expecting to go into an enchanted forest filled with cherry blossoms everywhere...not perfectly neat rows. Maybe back in the day they did have more cherry blossoms, and as the city grew they had to cut them down...who knows.

I did find out though that cherry blossoms are not native to Korea, they are all imported from Japan. This explains the neat rows of trees along the roads I guess.

On a side note, we spent the night in Masan, near Jinahe, and I had read on a blog that there was a Subway at another nearby town, Changwon, so we went on a hunt for it. Unfortunately, it wasn't a Subway anymore, it was a Lion Sub 2009, which still had the reminiscent smell and look of a Subway...damn you old blog! Nonetheless, I had a good veggie sandwich hehehe.

we KNOW there used to be a subway not that long ago cuz they still have a sign for it!

batting cages in Changwon

My second stop was Gyeonju. I was told by my co-T back in the winter that I should go there to see the cherry blossoms. So Ana, Charli (that's Jared's Spanglish name now lol), and me went yesterday to rent bicycles and ride around the city. The weather did not help too much so the pictures came out a bit ugly, but other than that the cherry blossoms were beautiful!! I think I liked it better than Jinhae. The trees in the parks were huge!

By the Anapji Pond

my attempt to get a shot of us riding the bikes lol

                           A Buddhist temple we found along the way

The Seochulji Pond

By the way, it was a trip riding those bicycles because I hadn't ridden one in a while haha. I first had to get comfortable riding it, and then I had to dodge all the people walking around and the other people on bikes. It was totally worth it though!

And lastly, there is Pohang of course! We also have cherry blossoms, but same as in Jinhae, they are the ones planted along the streets. They do brighten up the city and give off that spring feeling ^^.

Just outside my school 

And now the best part about cherry blossoms, sakuras falling all over the place!!!

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  1. I love the cherry blossoms! I love that in Gyeongju, not all of them are just planted in plain rows (they're everywhere here!)
    Except the two most popular places for Koreans to go see the blossoms are along the streets, and the trees even have lights that change colours at the base! I'm glad you went to Gyeongju :)