Friday, April 20, 2012


Meet Snowball!

Yes my friends, I have purchased a car!...the very first car I buy with my OWN money, hooray!

Remember I wrote on that post that I was considering buying a car because of my hectic schedule?
I mentioned it to my co-worker Kristen and she said she would help me. Last week she called a couple used car dealers here in Pohang. I was looking for a Matiz (cuz of fuel efficiency), and she asked the dealers if they had any. We found one but I thought it was too expensive. She told the dealer to give her a call if they got anything cheaper.

After that, I reconsidered (because of money) and thought maybe I should get a scooter. Ana had a scooter once and she told me that it was pretty awesome to have one. So I looked around, stalked some websites, went to a scooter shop, but there was nothing, or they were too expensive. I thought that if they were as expensive as a car, might as well buy a car. I told myself though that if I didn't find a car, I would buy the scooter because after all, it would be cheaper.

On Monday, Kristen got a call from the used car dealer and told her that he had a friend who was trying to sell his directly. We got in contact with the guy and after work, Kristen gave me a ride to see the car and talk to the guy. I drove the car to see how it felt. It had a weird noise, but the guy said that he would repair it before selling it, that it was nothing serious.

When I said yes to buying it, we started figuring out the process. First of all, I would need a license and he said he could not sell it to me unless I had one...bummer! I would also need insurance. He called a place and they wanted to charge me 900,000W!...I thought "oh man, this is gonna set me back in all my savings" :/

He said he would wait for me to get the license if I gave him a deposit so I did by Tuesday morning.

By Wednesday he called Kristen and told her that we could pick up the car on Thursday and that I did not need a license, only insurance. I was able to find a cheaper company, they charged me 660,000W for a year.

Thursday after work, we took a taxi to pick up the car. I drove it again just to make sure he had fixed that noise. Kristen then tried to bargain with the guy and he lowered the price a bit hehehe. I said it was good, so I transferred the money to the guy's account. After that, he took us to the Korean version of the DMV to register the car under my name! 4,000W in fees later, I had the document in my hands!

The guy also said that when I'm ready to resell it, he would help nice of him!

Kristen drove the car back to our school (where her car was), and then I drove it from my school to my casa, hooray!

Next week I'll be going to Seoul to the American Embassy to get a document saying that my American license is valid. I will bring that back to the DMV, take a test, and voila, I should have it!

Yay it's Friday!!!

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