Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Spy adventures?

So I had a dream about North Korea. I dreamed I was a spy for the US and infiltrated the North Korean government (in my dream, North Korea shared a border with the US). It's weird though because the dream was so vivid and I remember every single little thing, which is odd because usually dreams get a bit hazy.

It started with me arriving at the Emperor's palace. He was facing the wall and I came up behind him. As I approached his chair (red and gold), I got on my knees and put my head down. He handed me a paper where it asked me for my personal information. I got nervous as I wrote down my phone number because I wan't sure if I was writing it correctly (as I usually with all the 9's in it).

Time passed because I got close to everybody there and they welcomed me with open arms. But then one day, war started. Everybody had to be evacuated. All the important people got on a bus, which would be disguised as a tourist bus and cross to border into the US. I was sitting next to an important lady, she had gray hair and was wearing pink.

As we were moving out, bombs were being thrown at us from a distance. The bus was swerving around the rubble and the explosions. All of the sudden, we all noticed that a bomb was coming directly at us. I got so scared that I started praying, I said "Mayito, ayudanos" (Grandpa, help us). The lady sitting next to me threw herself over me to protect to. Fortunately, the bus driver was able to move out of the way and we were safe.

We passed the border and we were finally in the US. The North Koreans thought that I was on their side and wanted me to infiltrate the US government, I said yes. They asked me where it was a safe place to drop me off without being noticed and I said at the city hall. The people from the bus were being dropped off one by one in secured places. We then arrived in Little Italy. I told the NK's that I could walk from there to the city hall. We all walked as a "tourist" group between houses and business. I didn't know where we were headed, but once I got the chance, I separated from the group and went to find my US allies. When I found them, I told them all about the NK's who were spread out in the city, and those who were in a group somewhere nearby. We got ready to ambush the group and we made our way to Little Italy.

I was dressed in civilian clothes, so when the woman in pink saw me, she yelled out my name. She was with her husband and with her child. I signaled my people that they were part of the group and all of a sudden, I started shooting them.

I kept thinking, "this woman threw herself to protect me from a bomb, but I just shot her for my country," but then I said "your daughter would've probably grown up to lead a country against my country."

And then I woke up.

...yeah, I don't even know what to think of this dream either haha.


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