Tuesday, May 29, 2012


After one of my classes I stayed behind to chat with a few girls who don't want to let me go to other classes. Mary was asking me something about Mexico and what language is spoken there. All of a sudden, I feel on my arm a mouth and a noise of "nom nom nom"....

Strawberry, formerly Julia hahaha I don't know why she would change her name to Strawberry, but anyways, I see her pretending to chew on my arm, she the looks up and says "teacha, delicious!"

Oh man, AKWARD! I mean, I don't mind, I think it's hilarious, but as teachers we know (back home), that we shouldn't touch kids at all, but here in Korea there are no such boundaries. I'm getting more used to the lil girls wanting to hold my hand ('cuz holding hands with girlfriends is a sign of being close), but sometimes some things catch me off guard.

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