Monday, June 4, 2012

Busan Sand Fest

Summer is almost around the corner which can only mean one the beach!!

This weekend Ana and I headed to Busan for the Sand Festival. And well, what can I say aside from beach, sand, sun, drinks, and fun!?

 Haeundae Beach

only castle of the bunch

Mmm I don't know if people were not going into the water because the water was to cold for them, or simply because here in Korea it's not their thing. Ana said the water was cold, but she's from Florida. We San Diegans only have cold waters, so to me it felt perfect.

see Alexander the Great?


ok, so they aren't castles, but Ana did make the point that it's called the SAND festival, not the sand castle festival like the one in IB...but they were still pretty cool

We also made a small trip out to Yonggungsa temple. I have to say that this one is definitely my favorite one so far. Yes it does look like any other temple, BUT it's by the ocean, nothing beats that.


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