Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The past three weekends I....

Hello everybody!
I've been a busy bee lately so it's been hard to write. I'll try to keep is brief this time haha.

Three weekends ago I ran a 5k for charity. Our team name was "Team Amurrica" lol.

The jerseys we got as a gift had " I <3 Dokdo" written on them on the back. Dokdo is a tiny tiny island that Korea and Japan both claim. I've only talked to high school students about it and they were sure it's Korean because Japan is evil...yes, they used the word evil. I understand that it wasn't too long ago that Japan occupied Korea, I only wonder how long it will take for Koreans to leave it in the past...like us Mexicans have done with Spain. Anyways, the 5k wasn't to raise awareness for this, it was for charity.

team Amurrica

            Two weekends ago I went to Seoul to see my first live musical, Wicked! I have to say first though that I don't like musicals that much (movies), but Wicked definitely knocked off my socks! I absolutely loved the story and was very surprised with the twists.

This last weekend I went to the other side of the country to the city of Gwangju. We mainly went there because we wanted to see some historical sites relating to the 5.18 uprising. I did not know ANYTHING about it, so I was pretty glad to learn about it.

In a nutshell, in 1980 the military was planning to take over in a coup d'etat. They increased their presence in big cities and so in May 18, students in Gwangju decided to take action. The military opened fire and killed many students. After that, citizens joined to fight and a 10 day war began (they don't use the word war here, but that was pretty much what it was). At the end, the military ended suppressing the uprising and everything was "hush hush."

 Ana first suggested we watch a movie about it called "Beautiful Holiday" so we went to a DVD bang to watch it. Side note, those DVD bangs are really cool...though I learned that people do other stuff besides watching movies in there -_-

On Saturday we took the 8am bus to Gwangju, a 4 hour ride. When we got there, we went to downtown in search of some monuments or anything really. 

We then went to my first Korean baseball game! Kia Lions vs. SK Wyverns! It was pretty awesome. I liked the atmosphere...it was better than the Padres game I went to. Same as the soccer game, people chanted, did the wave, drank, and sang.

On Sunday we went to the National 5.18 Cemetery outside of the city. The bodies had originally been buried in a pit all together. But 17 years later, the bodies were exhumed and were properly buried here. I wasn't expecting such a big place, but it was actually really nice. A lot of open spaces, with many murals with history on them and 2 museums. 

We then visited the Bamboo forest outside the city as well. I have no clue why there's a bamboo forest in the middle of nowhere, but it was pretty awesome.

And hey, guess what? 49 days 'til I'm in SD!!!! Can't wait!! So excited to see my family and friends ^____________^


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