Monday, November 12, 2012

PepperoLess Day

Yes, once again 11/11 rolled around and I was so excited to get my Peppero week supply as I did last year. To my surprise though, most teachers at our school decided to ban Peppero...either for health reasons or so that they don't spend money on a Hallmark made type of holiday. Needless to say, I got 2 single sticks and a box of Peppero...what a sad day really. You know, expats like me DO want the little chocolate covered sticks. We look forward to this day. We crave the Peppero. Plain and simple, we want it.

So I went home Friday with my sad small stash of Peppero and that was the end of, Monday morning. I get to my office and two girls who come often to my office came. This was my conversation with them:

Lacey: Teacha, Peppero Day, how many?
Me: Three, and you?
Lacey: Four.
Me: But your teacher said no Peppero (most teachers banned Peppero at our school)
Lacey: In bathroom...shhh, secret, I have Peppero.
Me: buaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahhahahahahahaha

I couldn't stop laughing. And then. they started using body language to show me how they hid and exchanged Peppero in their jackets and backpacks. Hilarious! 

AND, I got more Peppero muuahahaha.

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