Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The path we choose

You know how sometimes you see something that triggers a bunch of thoughts and your head starts spinning? It could be because it reminds you of things from the past, or maybe things to come. Or simply it makes you reflect about life in general.

I recently had one of those moments and I cannot stop thinking about the 'what if's. Yes, those dreadful thoughts that sometimes are just so horrible to think about, but you just can't stop thinking about.

Life can always go one way or another depending on your choices, or unfortunately choices made for you. But sometimes some decisions are so profound that they turn your life 180 degrees, sometimes for the better good or for worse. Thankfully, the choices I have made have given me many more opportunities that now looking back, my life could have been everything I dread now.

If a certain event in my life had continued not too long ago, I would not be here. And by here, I mean working abroad having the time of my life, meeting new people, exploring a new country and its culture, and having my dream job. Back then, I had already thought about going abroad, but there was something holding me back. And even back then, I knew that if I were to stay in that situation, I would never get such an opportunity. Why? Because I was a coward. Because I was taking the easy way out. Because I thought that that was better for me since I didn't know better. Because I thought I couldn't find happiness anywhere else. But I was wrong....totally wrong.

I know this post is completely different from my other posts, I don't intend to start a diary so don't worry hahaha, I just felt this relates to my life in SoKo.


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