Thursday, December 6, 2012

Winter is coming...

It's that time of year again. The time when I almost called it quits on Korea...

Let me start with what happened last year and why it sucked. I'm from SD, where winter is almost non-existent. Does the weather get cold every once in a while? Yes. But you put on a sweater and you're good... and maybe a scarf to look cute, not because it's needed.

Coming to Korea, I knew there was a winter, a real one, but I wasn't sure how to prepare for it. Obviously I don't own winter clothes aside from a couple sweaters, a coat, and a jacket I bought when I went snowboarding in Big Bear (which I didn't bring to Korea because it was going to take up more room in my luggage...oh ignorant me).

As the weather started getting colder in November, I quickly realized that I was doomed. Aside from not having proper winter clothes, I didn't have layer-able clothes like long-sleeve shirts, knit sweaters, or even thermals. So of course I knew I needed to go shopping. Unfortunately, I was on a tight budget because I was saving up to go back to SD (plus paying my loans) so I knew I could not spend too much money. So I bought a few more sweaters and thankfully my mom sent me an early xmas present, a new coat and my jacket.

What made winter worse was that I was walking to work everyday. A 20 minute walk in the freezing cold! (...and 20 mins back to my house). Plus, add using public transportation to go everywhere... yeah not fun. My nose got so dry that it would suddenly start bleeding.

Korea hurt my feelings. It took my romantic view of winter and crumpled it like a worthless piece of paper ...and tossed it in the trash ... and spit on it. Living in SD and having pretty much only one season, I always loved it when the weather got colder because I got to wear "winter clothes" ...what I thought were winter clothes at least. I was so excited to finally live through a REAL winter. To wear hats and gloves and scarfs. To cuddle up with a blanket with a cup of cocoa and watch movies. Instead, I got daily nose bleeds, frozen toes and fingers, and dry skin (which totally surprised me because I have extremely oily skin, I even had to buy a special and expensive moisturizer).

But alas, this year, I have a feeling it will be a different story. Winter doesn't officially start until December 21st, but the temperature is quickly changing. Below is this week's weather forecast. As you an see from Wednesday, the temperatures are dropping dramatically ...and they will drop even more. Yesterday it was actually snowing in the west part of Korea; Seoul got a nice few inches of snow.

Ana and her friends made a Totoro!

Things that are different this year:

I have a car! Which means I don't have to walk to work nor wait for buses. Hooray! I honestly didn't even feel like winter was here already. Last year by late November, I was already complaining to Ana and she said, "Dude, it's barely November, winter hasn't even started."

I have REAL winter clothes! Now that I am able to actually spend a good amount of money I have been stocking up on thermals and knit sweaters ...I have a problem now hahaha. The other day I was thinking, "What the heck am I going to do with all these clothes when I go back to SD?" I also have my boots, that I brought from SD back in January, to keep my toes nice and toasty. My dad gave me those boots a long time ago as an xmas present; I used them once when I went to Big Bear. When I went back to SD in January, I remembered them so I thought they would be useful ...those were the only shoes I used for the remainder of winter after I came back, and they will be the only I shoes I wear this winter.

So yes winter, BRING IT ON! You won't defeat me this time. You won't bring me down to my knees begging you to stop. I plan to actually enjoy you and maybe hurt YOUR feelings, just kidding, I still like you so I will give you another chance ^_^.


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