Tuesday, February 12, 2013

In the Year 2013

Happy New Year! ...said me a month and half ago hahahaha ...But no seriously, Happy Lunar New Year!! I just realized I haven't written an entry this year!! How can that be?!?! ...Oh well, here it goes.

So many things to talk about, where to even begin? I'll start with talking about my winter adventures ...

Korea is pretty much one giant mountain, well according to what I've heard Korea's land surface is 70% mountains. So guess what that means for winter? Hit the slopes!!! ...since there are a bunch of resorts hahaha. And the most important part is that it's cheap! I've gone twice already, one time to Jisan Resort and another to Pyeongchang, where the 2018 Winter Olympics will be held. 
         This is the Pyeongchang Resort

I also went to my first Korean Indie Music Festival. Ana and I got to see about 7 artists for free at this tiny galleria in Hongdae. I was expecting it to be packed, but I guess not too many Koreans are into it. I have read somewhere that the Korean rock scene is very underground even though it has been around since the 50's. Fine by me, as long as I get to enjoy other genres besides Kpop.

My new fave band, Soul Park!

Ice skating! ...yes, we HAVE to wear helmets -_-

                           when it snowed in Pohang

I have a couple items for the list!

56. Coppee?
I never in a million years would've thought that Koreans drink this much coffee ...as much as we do in 'Murrica. You can get a cup of joe pretty much anywhere and almost any get together will involve drinking it. There are TONS of coffee shops, everything from small cute coffee shops to Starbucks. Some big Korean coffee shops are Cafe Bene, Angel in Us, Twosome place, and Mokambo. I really don't have a preference, I haven't been impressed by Korean coffee shops ..their quality isn't great, big or small coffee shops alike. Not that I'm a coffee snob ...ok I am hahaha, I just feel they can't quite get the right flavor. I've gotten pretty bad coffee a few times, some where I know they don't use the right coffee beans, or they don't get right the ratio of milk to coffee, or they burn the espresso shots. HOWEVER, I do have to point out that their instant coffee is pretty good. My favorite is MaximCoffee. It's a little packet with coffee, sugar, and cream in it. You put it in a cup and add 4oz of water and voila! I have even known people who never drink coffee back home but when they have the instant stuff they will down it like nothing. 
 57. Chinese food
You'd imagine that Chinese food in Korea would be even better than from what we eat in the States, right? WRONG! I was super excited the first time I went to a Chinese restaurant. I was expecting to get food that was going to knock off my socks because, well, Korea is right next to China! But it honestly tastes and looks like nothing I have ever had, so who is wrong here? I haven't been to China yet so I can't really say ...I'll just stick to my sweet and sour egg rolls.

58. I'm American ...ok, ok, I'm Mexican - American
Oh Korea. No I'm not Malaysian. Nor Philipino. Nor Indian. Nor Saudi. I don't mind being mistaken by any other nationality, I've gotten used to it. My problem with many Koreans is that they still don't get that an American can look like pretty much anything. Taxi drivers are the ones that usually ask me where I'm from and can sometimes be surprised when I tell them the US. One time, one driver said "but brown skin ...not American," oh boy! *insert biggest face slap ever* I tried explaining it to him, but his English was very limited so I could only say so much. I am glad though that we as foreigners have the opportunity to not only teach English, but to teach about diversity around the world.

59. Bar soaps
Let's just say that when it comes to bar soaps in public bathrooms, you might end up giggling every single time you use them ...check out how to use the bar soaps in the video I recorded below ^________^


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