Tuesday, April 2, 2013

...this city girl

It's been almost two months since my big move to Seoul from Pohang ...and guess what? I COULDN'T BE HAPPIER!!

Let me first start by giving a shout out to Korea. Why? Korea gave me the opportunity of a life time not too long ago. I was able to begin my career and embark on endless adventures in an almost unknown (to me) country.

And once again, Korea came through and has given me the next step to succeed in my career. Not only do I get to live in one the world's busiest cities *insert uncontrollable crazy dancing*, but I have my dream job, my best friend here lives in Seoul too, AND I have a sweet apartment. Honestly, I thought I was going to live in a shoe box considering my place in Pohang was already small. But not even close. My place here is muuuuch bigger, next to a subway line, and in an ok neighborhood. I say ok because there's not much around here except some decent bars and cafes. Food around here is not great because everything is pretty much meat or junk fast food.

I'm all settled into my new place. I already had internet/cable installed. I've been shopping here and there for household items. I figured out the washer machine and my heater hahaha. And I successfully received mail from abroad ...yes, the little things do matter.

Work is great too. I now teach at an all women's university. It's such a relief to finally be teaching the level that I've been wanting full time. Coworkers were all super welcoming, some of them even live in the same building as me. Of course, having a new job is always a little stressing so I had my share of sleepless nights. But now that I got into the rhythm of things, everything is much better.

I'm sad to say though that I haven't done too many exciting things around the city. For starters, the weather is still bad and I don't enjoy being out too much. Also, I've been busy with work, but like I said now things are flowing well, so I should have more free time. And lastly, I'm not that new to Seoul. I was coming up here every other weekend in the last year so it's not like I absolutely need to go out and explore everything immediately.

Things that I'm looking forward to? Be able to navigate the subway without my iPhone app...yes, it's a big deal for me. Find good hole-in-the-wall cafes/restaurants/hangout places around my neighborhood or in the neighborhoods that I already know. And lastly, weekends where I can just go out to flea markets and enjoy the weather. However, I do NOT want to be one of those Seoulites (is that the right demonym?)who never go outside of Seoul; I still want to go out and explore the rest of Korea.

Do I miss Pohang? At the moment, not yet, but I do miss my coworkers. I know for sure that for beach season I'm going to suffer here in the city. I'm going to have to figure out how to make it out to the beaches near Seoul. Also, It's not my first time living in a big city, so the change wasn't too dramatic. I only lived a few months in Paris, so we'll see if a few months in I'll feel the difference.

On other news, it's Spring! ...well, kind of. Apparently we didn't know of "second" winter. Like I said, weather has not improved, only a few degrees difference, but not enough to put away the coats. But hey, I made it through winter without getting sick! Hooray!! ...well, sort of because as soon as spring "started," I got sick -_-.


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