Sunday, July 14, 2013

Summer is here ...rain is here too

OK, I'm finally getting around to writing; I've been so lazy lately even though I'm on vacation. I'm usually more productive during vacations, so I don't know why I've pretty much done nothing ...maybe I need a vacation from my vacation.

Anyways, first of all, I want to write about my first semester teaching at Dongduk Women's University. I truly cannot find the words to describe the experience. For the first time, I got to finally work full-time at my dream job. When I was teaching at an elementary, I never got this feeling because it wasn't what I wanted to do. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad I did it since I learned a lot from it, but I was never excited to want to talk about it. Now, I am ...I really am. I want to jump up and down and do my happy dance every time I think about how lucky I am ...

So I'm just like...

A while back, maybe half-way through the semester, I told a few co-workers that I didn't want the semester to end because I was enjoying my job so much. It didn't even feel like a job, it just felt part of who I am cheesy as that sounds hehe, but it's true! It's ridiculous.

I know this will come back to bite me in the tushy from my friends and family, but I can say that I can actually stay a wee bit longer in Korea. I had told everybody that I would only be staying 2 years here, and I meant it ...back then. But why leave such an awesome job? Why go back to California where I'll probably have a hard time looking for a job, a full-time job? Of course I miss everybody, but YOU can come visit me hehehe. Seriously, opportunities like this don't come around often, and I don't plan on wasting this one.

Before I go on my The List, I went bungee jumping and water rafting a couple weeks ago! Here's a video I made ^^. Yes, it was scary as hell! But I've been wanting to do it for so long that I could not chicken out, and I didn't. I got some courage from from someone looking out for me from above ;).

Here's the bungee jump video.

Now The List, a few more odd/interesting things to add.

62. Sweet Potato Lattes
Who knew? All I can say is that these things are AMAZING! A must try. You can buy them at almost all coffee shops, but the best part is you can also buy them from your local supermarket and make it in the confort of your own casa.

63. Weird Costco concoction
       I know different parts of the world eat food differently, like in Europe some people eat french fries with mayo, I eat them with BBQ sauce, some people eat pizza with ranch or tabasco sauce, but it's so freaking weird to see something new every single time, you just can't help making that "gasp" face. 
        The first time I went to Costco in Daegu of course we went straight to the food court to have pizza  ...Murrican Pizza! As we walked through the tables, we noticed that each table, where people were sitting, had a plate in the middle with some weird-looking mountain of yellow stuff. We were a bit curious about it but didn't ask anybody. We then turned our attention to the condiments station, and there we saw it. People we grabbing plates, putting a mountain of onions on it, and then adding TONS of mustard and ketchup, and then mixing it all together. They then take this plate to their table and they use as a side dish to whatever they are eating. It honestly looks really gross to see that pile of yellow onions. Maybe it wouldn't look as bad if each individual made their own little side dish next to their plate of food, but nope, it has to be huge communal plate.

The picture below is blurry because I didn't want to look all creepy taking a picture of somebody else's food, so I had to take one as I was walking, and I didn't want to make my own pile of yellow onions because it was just going to go to waste. 

Here's a better picture I found online ...gross, right?

64. Women's only parking
Suck it men! And no, this is not only for pregnant women, it's for ALL women. So yes, we get to park closer to the entrance. I've only seen this at the supermarket HomePlus, but it's still pretty cool. Yay for me!

65. Fans for men ...not short for fanatics, ok?
Imagine your boyfriend using one of those hand fans to stay cool, attractive image? Not really, but in Korea it's very common and normal. Korea during the summer is horrible! Especially now that the humidity is up to 80%. It's gross to just sit anywhere without moving and still sweat gallons. So of course people have to find ways to stay cool, and by people I mean EVERYBODY.  I've seen mainly older men use fans, but now that I'm in Seoul I see younger men with them often. This bboy in the picture for example hehe. I find it cute, why should women be the only ones who get to use a fan? How are men supposed to stay cool? 

66. Fancy drinks
Summer is here which means it's time for some fancy drinks, in front of 7/11? Yes!! In front of 7/11, or GS market, or CU market, or any other convenience store near you. Since it's pretty hot outside, people want to drink outside, so we usually head to our local convenience store to have a few drinks. How does this work? Pretty simple. Almost all convenience stores will have tables and chairs set up in front, plastic stuff of course. We get a drink and/or snack, take a seat outside, and relax! It's great to just sit there, people watch, and see pretty much daily life. I absolutely love this part of Korean culture. It's cheap. It's simple. It's fun!!

Arm wrestling match at our local 7/11
...the local hang out :D
Fancy drinks ...I miss you Pohang!
Soju (with grape juice), beer, and bokbunja

I can't wait for this rainy season to be over. It've been raining EVERY day for the last two weeks. I don't even want to go out and explore Seoul. Supposedly, the rainy season ends in a couple weeks, just in time for when my mom arrives! Yay, so excited!


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