Sunday, October 20, 2013

Julio: Better than Authentic, NOT!

This is the first time I write a restaurant review only because this place was so bad that the world needs to know. I unfortunately do not have pictures of the food or place because I didn't think I'd be writing this, but some of the links below do have them.

I don't consider myself a "foodie" ...I don't eat out often because I'm vegetarian/pescetarian. I also like simple food, I could eat bean and cheese burritos for the rest of my life and I'd be happy (plus horchata hehe), so I don't get too excited about gourmet restaurants. I'm also horrible at buffets because I have a small stomach since I've conditioned it to have 4 small meals throughout the day. Anyways, my point is that maybe I am not 100% qualified to be writing restaurant reviews. But when it comes to Mexican cuisine, well, I do have strong opinions. 

Before anyone thinks that I'm being biased may be right, duh I'm Mexican, I KNOW Mexican food, I grew up eating it every day at home. However, I also do understand fusion cuisine. I actually have had all types of fusion cuisines: Mexican-Korean, Tex-Mex-Korean, French-Mexican, Italian-Mexican, and Americanized Mexican, and I have found some pretty decent stuff that I've found myself going back to every once in a while, so I am not bashing the restaurant for being fusion.

So here it goes...

I've tried many other "Mexican" places in Korea (fusion and non fusion), but I have to say that this place has been the worst. First of all, this place is advertised as "Better Than Authentic"...not even close to what I would call authentic even for Mexican food in Korea, and that's saying something. It really bothers me that it's obviously fusion cuisine, but they are using an utter lie as their tag phrase ...the shame!

We started with a gorgonzola quesadilla as an appetizer. When it arrived, I noticed it had some brown pieces of something  I right away thought it was chicken, but it turned out to be walnuts, wait wait wait, walnuts in a quesadilla? Ew! Plus it came with three dipping sauces one of which was honey. Again ew, big ew. I'm all for trying new things (french fries dipped in ice cream anyone?), but this was just plain nasty.

As my main dish, I ordered the paprika cream veggie enchiladas which was basically a dry Spanish rice burrito covered in an ok tasting sauce (who uses flour tortillas for enchiladas?). It came with a side of canned beans, yes I could tell they were canned! My friend ordered the kimchi fries which were the biggest disappointment of the night. And not because the fusion was bad, but because there was barely any kimchi! It tasted like chilli fries. Go figure it was the Korean side they messed up on. We even asked the waiter if they got the order correct because there was no kimchi in the kimchi fries and he said, "Yes, it's kimchi sauce" ...lies! We also had shrimp tacos which were not served until we reminded them about the order. Shrimp tacos are not rocket science, but I guess for their chefs it is because they were awful ...just a reminder people, the shrimp is supposed to be deep fried not soaked in some weird sauce ...grill them at least please. They did give us complementary chips and salsa for bringing the tacos late. But after a quesadilla, an enchilada, and half a taco, we were too full for them, a drink would've been better.

Now for the good things about the place. The highlight of the place were the drinks. We had the orange upside down Corona margarita, which for 10 bucks wasn't bad. Also, we had a nice table next to the window where we had a nice view of the Cheonggyecheon Stream.

The atmosphere of the place was very cold with American pop music in the background. Maybe I'm just used to Mexican restaurants having more of a cozy vibe to them.

To summarize  don't waste your money here. If you want Mexican-ish food, go to Dos Tacos which is on the same street; atmosphere and food are much better, not authentic, but good for whatever they are trying to do.

Funny thing by the way. I've looked up other reviews (review #1, review #2, review #3) about this restaurant and they all rave about it. Ugh! Someone needs to check their taste buds.


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