Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Cali's Girl Winter Survival Essentials

Thanks to winter my purse gets messier carrying around all the crap I wouldn't carry on a regular basis, especially back home. I'd like to think that after two winters I've mastered being ready for winter and that the extra stuff in my purse will get me through. So what is in my purse at the moment?

1) Chapstick ...I've never taken chapstick this seriously until now by the way. It's truly an essential during the winter, you WILL suffer if you don't have one with you ...I learned that the hard way my first winter.

2) Lotion: Hands get dry too, especially after washing them so got to have lotion handy anywhere.

3) Gloves: duh

4) Scarf: and I mean REAL scarfs, none of that thin fabric stuff. The real ones that are so thick that when you wrap them around your neck two times, you feel like you're wearing a neck brace.

5) Sunglasses: 'cuz, you know, I'm from Cali. No, but seriously I'm surprised that not many Koreans wear sunglasses during the winter. I know it's not hot outside, but it's still sunny people!

6) Nose spray: My nose gets super dry during winter and spring back home, so if I don't use the spray, my nose will bleed with the slightest touch, something that usually happens in the mornings. However, now living with REAL seasons, the problem has become worse. Nose bleeds, no gushing nose bleeds will happen randomly throughout the day. Now I have to carry my little spray bottle everywhere to keep my nose nice and moisturized.

7) Tissues: In case of sudden gushing nose bleeds since they still can happen even if I use the spray. Also, walking in cold weather gives me a runny nose so tissues are always needed.

8) Most people carry Vitamin C tablets or little powder thingies. Not me. Those don't do crap for me. I have a secret weapon. When my mom came to visit last summer, she brought me these bottles of coneflower extract. She told me to add 20 drops in my OJ in the morning and 20 before going to bed and that I wouldn't get sick. At first I didn't believe her, so I wasn't too consistent and of course I got sick, twice! The first time I got sick was back in October, so I started taking the drops right away regularly. My cold only lasted one week which amazed me because my colds always last at least 2 weeks. But again I didn't learn my lesson and got sick again last week. Again, I started being consistent with the drops, and alas the cold lasted less than 1 week!

9) Lastly, my favorite thing evah: Facial Spray! This weather will dry out your skin like you never thought possible ...and this is coming from someone who has an extremely oily skin. Not only does the cold weather dry it out, but also being inside with a heater on will do the same. So spray on this little baby on your face and feel instant moisture.


PS. My OCD stopped my from posting this yesterday because the list is not an even number ...just though you should know :)

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