Friday, January 3, 2014

In the year 2013

What a year ! So many wonderful and exciting things happened that 2014 better be ready to be able to outdo 2013. In review (in no particular order):

1) My first nephew was born! ...yay I became an auntie ^______^  ...and thanks to technology, he has been the youngest person I've ever Skyped with; I think he was a few weeks old (thank you Skype!)

                                                Proud papa with his munchkin

2) My tía gave me a namesake Selene Valentina.
The little cute one in the middle
3) I moved to Seoul AND started the job I've been wanting.
One of my favorite classes so far at DWU
4) Made new amazing friends

5) My mom visited me in Korea . By the way, I never wrote about it, but that would take me hours to write about not because we did a lot of things, but because many things changed err um I guess you can say emotionally? ...Starting with her treating me like an actual adult. Yes, I know! Biggest surprise ever! I'd always been the "immature" one of the family according to her, but I guess when she saw that I was doing well on my own, she finally acknowledged that I am 27. Before flying out, she even asked me if I had enough toilet paper and dishes for two; she was surprised to see that I own cooking stuff haha.

6) AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Though I got the news just yesterday, IT happened in 2013, and OMG I can't wait!

7) Got to see NIN in concert!

8) I traveled to my twelfth country (not counting the US and Mexico), Japan! ....12 only? Ew I gotta fix that ASAP ...Cambodia here I come!

9) I reaffirmed that where I am is where I'm supposed to be. I always doubt big decisions (studying abroad, doing my MA, moving to Korea) and it sometimes takes me a little while to analyze what I've done, good or bad. But this year was good for me to (re)evaluate it and you know what? It's all good, no, it's perfect. Though at times I'm a little jealous of people back home, deep down I know that if that were me, I wouldn't be 100% content for many reasons.  My point is that when I read about "Things you should do/learn in your 20s" or "Things to do before you marry" bla bla bla, I can say that I've done/gone through most of those things. I know there will always be more and more that I will probably want, but up to now, I am beyond happy with everything, EVERYTHING! 

10) Home made cheese ...ha!

11) I surprised myself with err umm some new things hehe.

12) I was able to check off a few things from my bucket list: paragliding, water rafting, color me rad race, volunteering at a dog shelter (I had been putting it off for waaaay too long), and bungee jumping.

13) I decided to adopt a cat. I've always said that I'm not a cat person, but that's because I've never had one (Titi doesn't count because I only had him for like a month). I originally wanted to adopt a dog and even chose one from a shelter, but my landlord said I couldn't have one in the building. But that's ok, I'm up for the challenge and become a crazy cat lady. Anyways, I am currently waiting for the one I want from one of the shelters ...cross your fingers!

14) Sooooo surreal to see my big brother finally tie the knot (Thank you Skype once again) ...Lucy, welcome to the Familia de Locos! 

15) And lastly, one of the biggest ones, my not-being-able-to-let-go problem has gotten much better.  It's still a work in progress, but I can definitely feel a change. It has gotten much easier to breathe knowing that shit is not in the way anymore. I've been thinking a lot about past shit (being abroad has helped me see things in a different perspective) and I was able to take the good out of it (as bad as it was), and transform it into something useful making it that much easier to just let it go. 

So here's to a great 2014! ...Let the adventures begin.

Cheers and Peace!

Update on #6: I can finally announce it ...I'm going to be a BFF-Auntie!!!!! Yaaaaay! ...My beast friend is 4 months pregnant today (Jan. 28, 2014) ...and the best part is, I will be home for when the baby arrives. OMG I can't wait!! ..Finally a birth I won't be missing. 


  1. I will keep coming here , Thanks for this post.
    Best for you Buddy!

  2. i am am happy to hear things are going well. thanks for teaching abroad!

    1. hehe thanks rosita! yeah, i couldn't be happier at the moment ^^