Sunday, January 19, 2014

Unintentional blog direction

Just bought myself a new toy, a Sony Nex 3N, so world, get ready for some wannabe pretentious-looking pictures from an amateur. This also means that my blog has now become, unintentionally, a collection of my random K-stuff: my life in Korea, stories/adventures, The List, and photography -as bad as the photos may be.

Anyways, the first stop of my first session was the Seoul Fortress wall in Naksan Park (I did the short version).

I like tree branches

It's so fluffaaaaay
Toy city

This is my favorite picture of the day

I then ended up in Hyehwa Station which was filled with cutesy photographable things.

Found a candy stand with Manita lollipops! 

Fat cat!

Lastly, Teokbokki Street which was a little disappointing. I was expecting lots of teokbokki street stands, but there were only a few restaurants. I was alone, so I was a bit intimidated to go inside; I guess I'll go back if someone wants to eat there one day. Nothing pretentious about these pictures, but still thought I should post them :P.

Somewhere near Bomun Station.

And home ^^

My goal with my new toy is to get out more often and explore Seoul; I feel I haven't done that enough ...this shall be my new hobby since I don't want to do my regular hobby while abroad (don't ask).


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