Thursday, April 24, 2014

The forgotten blog

I feel I've been ignoring my blog for a bit, especially now that a certain kitten takes up a lot of my time kkkkk. Seriously though, it's like having a baby! He cries when he's hungry and when he wants attention. He's such a momma's boy. If I'm home, he WANTS to be on my lap or cuddling haha.  
Napping on my lap while I read

Anyways, I forgot I had been taking and collecting random pictures of things I wanted to add to The List, so here are a few new things. 

87. Parking in reverse. I've been trying to figure out for the longest time why people do this so much. It does make sense that it'll be faster to exit, BUT what I don't get is why people do this when they are grocery shopping. Think about it, you buy a bunch of stuff, so obviously you need to put it in the trunk. I have never seen a parking lot that has enough space so that you can take your cart between the rows of cars. If the parking lot is full, what do you think ends up happening? People have to take their car out to load it up while BLOCKING one lane and creating more traffic. Fuerte el aplauso para estos mensos!  

Oh Korea, one more thing that makes absolutely no sense. *slow claps*

parking lot at Home Plus (grocery store)
....Now to a lighter entry. 

88 Yogurt Ajjumas. I first noticed this when I moved to Seoul. Simply put: they are ajjumas with carts selling yogurt and other juices. They aren't hard to find; they usually work near campuses and apartment buildings. I guess similar to a paletero man kkkkk. However, one cool thing they do is they deliver these yummy juices to your own door. You pay in advanced, and they deliver any time you want. And what if you are not home? Then they leave the drink in an insulated bag that usually stays on your door (you get the bag once you hired their delivery services).

89. Sneakers. One of the first things I noticed when I came to Korea is how almost everyone wears some type of sneakers. It's weird for me because I come from a city where flip-flops are the norm, so I noticed it immediately ...the San Diegan in me xD.

One thing though that caught my attention the most was how young girls wear sneakers with really cute outfits. I would never ever wear sneakers with those outfits, ever! I still can't get used to seeing it. It doesn't look ugly, it's just a little weird for me. In their defense, Koreans in general rely a lot on public transportation, so girls, I assume, adapt to wearing sneakers with most outfits since they walk a lot when commuting to work and/or school. 

I wonder if this happens in New York or similar big cities. I actually don't remember seeing this back in Paris. Most girls wore boots in the winter and sandals in the summer.

A student of mine kindly agreed to let me take a pic of her outfit ^^
I saved the best for last, 90. Patbingsu! Nom nom nom. This is one of my favorite treats during the spring and summer. It's basically shaved ice, condensed milk, and whatever else you want on it. The basic flavor is red bean with tteok (rice cake). I know it sounds weird, but trust me, it's amazing. Yes, it's read bean, but it's sweet red bean. Actually, it took me a little while to warm up to red bean as a dessert. My friend Ana kept insisting I try it over and over to like it worked hahaha, I love the stuff. Not only is it a dessert, but it's actually nutritious, double win!

I had my mom try patbingsu when she came to Korea. Ana was there too, but before I could tell her not to tell my mom that it was red bean because I knew she wouldn't try it if she knew, she told her! ...I had to beg my mom to try it, and of course she didn't even give it a chance. 

Anyways, my favorite is strawberry patbingsu from Cafe Bene ---> SEE PICTURE. Ingredients: shaved ice, condensed milk, frozen strawberries, a scoop of red bean, and a scoop of strawberry ice cream, yum!! Other flavors I've tried are tiramisu, fruity, coffee, and mango.

Yay for warm weather and desserts!, I just realized I'm almost at 100 items on The List!! Wooohooo!


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