Monday, May 12, 2014


I love that warm weather is finally here because many more fun things happen around Seoul. Being young in a city like Seoul, there's nothing better than to have a plethora of activities to join/do even if it's as simple as taking a stroll in the nearest park or joining one of Adventure Korea's trips.

One recent activity was the Wine and Spirit Expo. Can you say unlimited drinks? Not just any drinks, but unlimited WINE! ...and for only the price of $20! Yes, I was in heaven! This doesn't even compare to the wine tasting experiences back home where you pay too much for some meager samples that barely get you drunk.

When we got our badges, we also got for free a wine glass to go around and try all that we wanted. There were also a few beer , whiskey, sake, and makgeolli stands. I mainly tried the wine because I don't really care for the other stuff I didn't want to mix! ...I may be young, but I can't do it like I used to *le sigh.*

They had loooots of Chilean wine. I've gotta say that I wasn't a big fan of Chilean wine simply because I hadn't tried that many; I mainly stick to and like California wine for obvious reasons hehe. However, I was definitely persuaded, and I will now start trying it more. 

Another recent activity was the Seonyudo Park. Though Seoul is a city, it is filled with many parks, small and big. It was actually pretty nice and totally different from others I've been to though. It's an island in the middle of the Han River. Long ago it was a normal park, then it was turned into a water filtration plant, then turned back to a park. My favorite part was the abandoned aqueducts with overflowing vegetation that run throughout the island. 

We wandered around the park, had a few beers and snacks, and took some cool pictures. It is definitely a place to spend a relaxed afternoon watching the sunset over the river.

And speaking of parks, a new item for The List is 91. exercise parks. Most parks in Korea don't have jungle gyms and/or monkey bars, instead they have exercise equipment that you can use for free. They are not just in parks, they are sometimes randomly in the middle of a residential area; there's one right across from my building actually .

It is usually ajummas and ajjeoshis who use the machines, but everybody is welcomed to use them I'm sure. I like to use the one that swivels from side to side, feels nice in the obliques after I jog.

I've seen some machines that will light up with the energy you create from using them, and I've also seen ones where you can charge your phone! ..though it would probably take like 4 hours of a workout to get the battery half full, aint't nobody got time for that!

Lastly, one of my new favorite summer activities has been affected by a recent tragedy. I'm sure you've all heard about the ferry, the Sewol, that capsized drowning many young people. It was such an unfortunate event, my deepest condolences go out to the families affected. 

The whole country has been mourning for the lost lives, but something that I can't seem to understand, as I am not Korean, is why mourning has been taken to an extreme that most expats can't wrap their brain around it, including myself. 

(by the way, I don't mean to sound ignorant, I've been trying to educate myself on why this happens)

My point is, however, that many activities/festivals/trips have been affected, they were either cancelled or postponed. Most universities postponed their festivals including mine. Most public schools have cancelled trips for the rest of the year. My favorite music festival, the Ansan Valley Rock Festival, was cancelled as most of the students from the ship were from that city. 

The affected summer activity that hurt the most is baseball. I don't like watching baseball actually, one goes to baseball games in Korea for the atmosphere. Cheap beer and food (you can also bring in your own drinks and food), cheering and cheerleaders, chants from the crowds, and music. A couple weeks ago I went to a game and there was nothing of this, except for the beer and food. It was quiet. It was like being at a baseball game back home, booooring!! 

I understand it's a sign of respect and mourning, but paah-leeeaase bring back the good stuff soon!!

Anyways, I went for a stroll around Seokgye since I'm not allowed to workout at the moment. Unfortunately, the pics are not of great quality since my baby Sony 5NEX has departed...
I'll give five cheon won to the person who can tell me what this is xD

Seokgye underground

I love old decaying paint, especially blue paint.

Sweet dreams ...

Mmmm never heard this one haha ...does it even make sense? 


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