Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Babies, lots of babies!

Where to start? This summer has been amazing! Bittersweet too, actually, but yes, overall awesome. I was finally able to go home after two years and have a sunny summer, yes Korea I'm talking to you! It was so exciting to see my family, friends, and eat all the yummy food Murrica has to offer. 

It was also great to do lots of activities including a trip to Grand Rapids, MI and Chicago, IL where Team America had a little reunion for Jared's wedding! In the picture below are also three other former expats, it was so cool to see them all! well as FlaCa, yay!! ...of course we had to wear our couple ajumma pants to a Sox game (second MLB game in Murrica) hehehe.

Other activities ...

Went to see the LA Doyers! ...Third MLB game

Went to my favorite amusement park, Magic Mountain!

Hiked up to a potato chip.

Took my little cousins to the happiest place on earth! 

Went kayaking with my sisters. A little scary I gotta say, but will definitely be trying it again.

I also did the Neon Run with my sister. Wore tutus and all!

Vegas with my sibling was absolutely amazing! much fun!

Lastly, what definitely stands out the most is all the beautiful babies I got to meet. This is the part I hate about being away; I miss out on important events such as witnessing the future generation grow up. It breaks my heart that I don't get to see these tiny humans become their own little selves. I unfortunately did not get to meet all the babies I wanted to meet. Yes, there are that many!! So here they are the ones I did meet in no particular order, except for the first one hehe.

Alex! My little bodoque! This little guy is the cutest baby evah! OK, I'm a little biased 'cause he's my nephew, but seriously, never have I ever met a baby this giggly and risueño (beaming?) as him! My brother and sister-in-law came to pick me up at the airport, and let me tell you I am sure this little guy knew who I was! As I greeted him, he was all giggles and smiles! 

Got him a Pororo backpack and hat hehehe.

It was really cute to see my parents interact with their first grandchild, ha! Abuelitos!!

Another cute baby, Niah! Look at those big bright eyes!

Then we have cute little Noah who had his first birthday party! ...and his little bro is on his way, yay! (belly not pictured here)

And then there's cutie patootie, Gianluca. Funny thing, I met his sister Juliette (in pink) two years ago when I went back to the States for my sister's wedding.

I also got to meet my namesake, Selene Valentina, but I didn't get a picture because it was late at night and my uncle was just leaving my house as I was arriving :(. 

And lastly, this little mosha peshosha, Zyanya, whose birth I was supposed to be there for, but my BFF decided to pop a week and a half early while I was in Chicago, booo. 

Isn't she gorgeous?!? I could just look at her sleep forever. 

And although it was great being around all of them, I'm still thinking the following: 

Don't get me wrong, being a parent is a beautiful thing and an adventure in itself, but umm, my werito Hobak is enough for now.

Well now it's back to business and start the semester all fresh, bring it on!

Oh and let the Korean adventures being hehe.


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