Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Almost there!!

I just realized that September is almost over meaning that the end of the year is drawing near, and I had promised myself to get to 100 items on The List by December 31st. So here a few more items to broaden your Korean culture knowledge. 

92. Spitting in public... by women. Well, I've only seen halmonis (older grannies) and young middle school girls do it. Men do it too of course, and though it's still gross, I guess it's something I'm used to seeing. I have absolutely no clue as to why some women do it though. I'm a girl, and I've never felt the need to spit in public just because. The times I've had to spit is because there was something unpleasant in my mouth, but that's been rare.

I know we women do not produce loogies we need to get rid of, or at least not as much, so what in the world are they spitting out? This actually led me to wonder about why men spit, a phenomenon that's still not clear apparently. Some articles mention that in China men and women spit in public as well, so could this be a regional thing? Who knows. I just can't help making an "Ew" face every time I see women do it. 

93. I thought this would be appropriate since it was just my birthday: the last four digits of your cell phone number.  Why talk about these numbers? Because in Korea, a lot of people have their birthday on there. For example, my number  is 010-****-0922. My birthday is September 22nd which you can clearly see on my cell number. 

When you go get a cell phone, the sales people try their best to  get a number with your birthday. Lucky me, there was one. Funny thing: my first birthday here, I got a lot of random messages in Korean wishing me a Happy Birthday. Sorry previous owner!

94. Today it rained, so I was finally able to get a picture of the umbrella bag dispensers. This is such a smart idea to prevent huge puddles of water inside the subway when it rains. 

As you come into the subway, just slip your umbrella inside one of the slots (left side for small umbrellas, right for big ones), pull towards you, and voilà your umbrella is inside a bag to prevent it from dripping water. 

95. This is one brings back memories from the 90s. Do you remember platform shoes with thick straps? Spice Girls style? Well they are still around here:

(A lovely student kindly agreed to let me take a picture of her shoes)

These are very popular especially among younger girls, like my students. I've seen all colors and styles, but the ones that make me giggle are some silver ones: "Yo I'll tell you what I want, what I really really want, so tell me what you want, what you really really want."

I wonder if this fashion trend is going on somewhere else. Let me know!

96. Last but not least, acne band aids. When I first saw them, I was a little intrigued. I knew they were covering acne, but I couldn't understand why wear something sooooo obvious as opposed to just letting their acne show.  Anyways, so I asked  a friend, and she told me that these little band aids actually (sometimes) have medication in them to help heal acne faster. 

You can purchase these at any Olive Young or pharmacy ...and no, you will not see me trying these any time soon, I'll stick to my spot gel treatment thing. 

That's all for today! Yay, I'm at 96, only 4 more to go!! Woot woot!!


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