Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Viva México!

September 16th for me means just as much as July 4th. I unfortunately haven't been able to properly give el grito for a few years now, especially being now that I'm in Korea. 

Enter my new friend who recently started doing an internship at the Mexican Embassy in Korea. She told me about an event that the Embassy holds to celebrate the Mexican Independence Day. Since she said that there would be unlimited Mexican food and drinks, of course I told her to get me an invite ASAP! 

And here it is! Boom!

It was held this past Monday. If you know me well, you know I don't like to go out during the week, but I had to make an exeption for this event; unlimited margaritas, duh!!!

It was held at the Lotte Hotel. Unfortunately, when I got there, a lot of the yummy Mexican food was gone, grrrr!!! But I did get to have some sushi and arroz con leche. 

And there was still plenty of Tecate and Tijuana beer!!

Anyways, it was good to once again sing the Mexican anthem, see an escolta and yes, give 'el grito', Viva México ca...!!!!!!

I also met some great people, who knew there were that many Mexicans in Seoul.

I even met my tocaya! It's sooooo rare to run into another Selene (same spelling even!). Who knew I'd meet another Selene in Korea. 

See ya next year when I'll for sure get there earlier to be able to eat Mexican food :P



  1. Hi ^^
    It's not really related to the article, but in fact I'm a French student and I'm going to do an internship for 6 months in Seoul and I would like some advice concerning the accommodation. I don't know what is better ><
    Thank you in advance for your help :)

    1. Hi Kelly,
      It really depends on your budget. Your cheapest option is looking for a "goshiwon" once you get here. These are usually for students, so they can be very small (a single bed, small closet, and desk -shared bathrooms, kitchen, and laundry room). They can range from anything between 250,000 won to 400,000 a month.

      Here's a link in English to give you an idea:

      If you speak Korean, here's another link:

      Another choice, if you're lucky, is to find someone who needs a roommate. You can use Craigslist or some Facebook groups to find them.

      It is going to be very hard to find an apartment just for yourself because the way Koreans rent is different. You usually have to give "key money" which can range between 2million to 5 million won. If you speak Korean, you might be able to waive it, but pay a higher rent.

      Hopefully this helps ^^