Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A Skipped Item

Was looking over the list on my phone where I keep it, and I noticed that I totally skipped #85, yikes! So here it is.

85. Poop.
Yes, poop culture, say what? There's such a thing? Yup! 

Exhibition A: The Toilet Museum
Located in Suwon, it is definitely one of the most bizarre museums. It's not creepy or anything, it's actually very colorful and lively looking's just that it's dedicated to toilets and poop. They even have a little swirly poopy mascot ...can't remember the name though. 

The museum itself is in the shape of a toilet. Outside there are a few statues of people 'going' and some old school outhouses. 

In many languages

Exhibition B: The Poop Bread 
....with red bean filling! YUM!

Exhibition C: This article explains much better what I would've liked to have said. Be sure to click on the video link for 'poop wine' to get a niiiiiice visual of people drinking the stuff. 

Lastly, Exhibition D: my own experience working with Korean children. Every time I asked my students to draw or write something, there was always a student, usually a boy, who would use poop in their sentences or in some way part of the drawings. At first, it made me mad and would ask the students to rewrite/draw. But I slowly noticed that they meant no harm, so eventually I just let it. See a picture in this post from when I taught a winter camp.

Also, every once in a while, I would hear ransom d-d-o-n-g's (spelling it out in English) throughout the halls. I didn't understand what they were saying, but for sure I knew what they were spelling. I also had a little second grader who taught me how to draw the word ddong in like a symbol type shape; I sadly don't remember how to draw it.

So yeah, if you get a souvenir from me in the shape of a swirly poop, don't complain, have fun with it. 


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