Thursday, February 19, 2015

Happy New Year !

That is Happy Lunar New Year! (Aka, Chinese New Year)...Boy have I been absent from this thing haha. I know technically I've been on vacation, but I've actually been pretty busy.

The month of January was filled with the joys of working at the craziest winter camp evah! It was five looooooong weeks of misery which was perfectly described by one of my coworkers as the time "We sold our soul to the devil." Seriously. The children were actually pretty cool, the problem was admin. I have never worked with such incompetent people. Zero organization. Zero communication. Zero interest in real teaching. Anyways, I'll just stop writing about it because I have been trying my best to erase those weeks from my mind. 

So where have I been the month of February? Paradise!

I'll be writing another post about it with a list soon ...duh, of course I made a list. 

For this post however, to start the New Year well, I wanted to write about a few items for The List.

101. Mattressesless beds. So basically sleeping on the floor? Kinda. My first experience with these was when I was in Pohang. I got a really bad cold and since I couldn't just stay home, they told me to go to the nurse's office and sleep there. I was imagining a hospital type of bed, but she had one of these. I thought to myself, "How the hell am I going to sleep comfortably on it??" To my surprise, I passed out within minutes. Not because I was sick, but because it had a heated surface. Best sleep I ever got while sick. I don't know if all beds like this have heating, but I assume they should since they are a hard surface. I think these are perfect for winter by the way ...on cold nights I wouldn't have to go down to the floor (heated floor) haha.

I also don't know who exactly uses them. I'm guessing it's the older generation who used to sleep on the floor and have no problem with it. I once went to a friend's house and his parents had one. And if they are being sold at a big supermarket like Home Plus then they gotta be somewhat common.

102. It's winter and I saw this on campus. WHY PEOPLE? WHY?!?! It's freezing cold outside! Put some socks on! I usually see boys do it more often than girls around the streets, crazy! If I go out with only one pair of socks and my chucks, my toes freeze! How are they not cold?!

103. Eating with your hands in Korea is interesting. Koreans do sometimes eat Korean food with their hands (lettuce wraps and such), but it's not a messy business. Anyways, if you order pizza or fried chicken you can order plastic gloves to enjoy your meal without getting messy ...and miss out on licking your fingers! Hello, that's the best part!

At school, I've seen students eating their muffins with chopsticks (picture on the right). And when I order a muffin from Starbucks, they almost always give me a fork. No thank you, I enjoy licking my fingers! Imagine eating Hot Cheetos with gloves on! Nope.

fork with my muffin
104. X. When this was first done to me, I thought it was so rude! So rude! This is a gesture to simple mean "no," that's it. Nothing rude about it. I do it now too all the time haha.

105. Boxing up groceries. This is I think one of the best ideas to help the environment. You know when you go to Costco you can box up your groceries? Here in Korea you can do that in ALL the supermarkets. They have little stations where you can choose you box size, tape it up, and box up your stuff. Easy. Simple. Convenient. And they make fun toys for my cats haha.
106. Humidifiers. Winter is a bitch! you already know from my previous posts haha. My only problem during winter is how dry my nose and face get. My nose gets so dry that sometimes it bleeds with the slightest touch. Not only does winter make everything dry, but when you turn on the heater it makes it even worse! The heat absorbs any himudity left in the air, so my house gets extremely dry. Solution? Humidifiers! Here's a picture of mine that was given to me as a present from the English Department for Teachers' Day, sweet! ...I had been wanting to buy one but had been lazy haha, thank goodness they got this for us last year.

Hope you have a great New Year!


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