Wednesday, April 1, 2015

You foo!

107. Happy April fools'! ...yes, this will be an item on my list! Why? Two reasons. 1) My students at an all womens university think it's a 'prank' to wear their old high school uniform. Here in the picture to the left are some of my students sporting some high school fashion. Lol. I asked why they did it, and they just said because it's funny. To be honest though, if I had to wear a uniform all of my high school years, I would've burned that thing first thing after graduation, goodbye! Anyways, today I found out that there is another reason to save your school uniform. 2) Apparently, as an "event" (e.i. promotion), the movie theater chain CGV gives student prices to anyone wearing a school uniform on April first (I think the student price is around 7,000 or 8,000won). However, the only catch is that you cannot watch rated R movies ...anybody wanna go?

108. Cherry tomatoes. Want a snack? Munch on some cherry tomatoes! Yup, you can either have a whole cup of them or mix them with some fruit. 

When I first saw cherry tomatoes being offered as a snack, I couldn't even process that thought. They weren't being offered with ranch or something to dip them in. It took me a while, but eventually I did warm up to them, and well, here's a picture of a snack I have at least once a week, yum!

Happy snacking! 

109. Stamp cards. I've talked about "service" freebies that many Korean shops give away, but also many others offer loyalty stamp cards. You can usually get a free coffee from a coffee shop or a 6 inch sandwich from Subway, stuff like that. One interesting thing about the cards is that you can sometimes leave the card in the shop so that it's always there, and you'll be sure to always get your stamp. 

At a nearby coffee shop that I frequent, they even have a little cubby for foreigners only ...only in Korea. 

110. Unattended children. Korea is a pretty safe country compared to the US ...seriously! For example, if you were to pass out drunk on the street, you are sure to wake up intact and with all of your belongings. I can also add that as a woman, I've never felt safer. 

Anyways, it is very common to see children walking alone to school or taking the bus or subway alone.  At first, it freaked me out, duh, but the longer I lived here, the more I understood that maybe it was ok. 

I have seen mothers leave their babies in strollers outside a coffee shop while they grab a cup. Just recently I saw a mom walk away from her kid at a supermarket ...I just had to take a pic even though it seemed creepy ...sorry!

I recently have read some articles (article 1 and article 2)about how over protective American parents have become to the extent that children don't play outside anymore even though the crime rate has declined. This makes me a little sad because I grew up playing outside. Imagine asking the next generation about their favorite childhood memory, and they answer something like "Playing with my smart phone every night" ...boring!

I know many of you are parents or will be, what do you think?

Peace, foos!

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