Friday, May 1, 2015

Spring ...ish, again!

Spring time in Korea is so weird. One day cherry blossoms are all over the city, the next day it's pouring and cold, the next day it's 80 degrees hormonal city, decide what you want already!

Now that the weather is getting "better," I expect to finally leave my cave and be part of society. I already kind of started, though like I said, they have been sporadic short lived moments.

At the First Craft Beer Festival!

But enough about that; I have some items to share today.

111. Allergies. I know this technically isn't a "Korea" thing, but it's something that many expats experience for the first time thanks to the very marked four seasons Korea has. In my home town, "seasons" come and go without anybody really noticing (unless you really have a serious allergy problem). 

When I came to Korea, I never thought I'd be dealing with allergies because back home, I have had zero reactions to anything having to do with pollen. I should've brought a giant bottle of Benadryl for my first spring. My nose was constantly stuffy, and yucky stuff was always coming out. In addition, that same year, yellow dust, thank you China, was off the charts! Congestion was the least of my problems. I also had to deal with an itchy throat and irritated eyes ...yikes!
Yellow dust and pollen that had made a nice layer on my car ...Snowball was not happy!

My first year was the worst; I still get a runny nose and a slight itchy throat, but they aren't that bad. I have brought allergy medicine from home, so if at any time I need it, I can take some. 

112. Gas pumps. What could possibly be so interesting about gas pumps? First picture this. When you go to get gas, what's the one thing you need to consider before you even pull up? You need to go to the right side of where your car has the gas tank. Enter Korean gas pumps ....

Brilliant! You can pull up to ANY pump. You just pull down the hose to your desired side and voila! Get on it Murrica!

113. Carry out pizza. Don't you just hate carrying a pizza box? Solution:

Take your pizza anywhere without hassle with a handy ribbon tied around it, boom!

Happy May !

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