Wednesday, September 30, 2015

I'm Still Here haha

I'm back and with some cool things for my List. Don't judge, I have had time, I've just been super lazy to just sit and write. But I will say that it does feel good to do it again.

121. Hairy Legs. Summer has come and gone *insert dramatic WHYYYY?!*, so I thought this would be an interesting point to bring up now. I've talked about different standards of beauty in Korea from the U.S.. Different cultures so of course different ideas about what aesthetics are. 

When I first came to Korea, I brought a stash of every toiletry and beauty product that I used since I didn't know much about what products I'd be able, or wouldn't be able, to buy here. I unfortunately only brought a few razors cuz dumb me thought those were a universal standard. WRONG! Thank goodness I came to Korea in September, so summer outfits were quickly replaced with tons of layers with no need to shave, ha.

I started wondering why I couldn't find ladies' razors (and by the way, the men's razors' section is always super small), and once I started being more observant towards women (not in a creepy kind of way), I noticed it.

Shaving is not part of most women's routine. For some, they just don't grow hair like us westerners do (I asked a friend), so they don't have a need to buy razors which is why there isn't a big market for them. 

However, there are some women whose hair is noticeable, but they don't shave (their legs). I don't know if they are not shaving cuz it's not part of their beauty culture or because they don't care about it. I've noticed in on women of all ages, so it's not like it's teenagers going through puberty. Who knows, but I do wonder what men think about this. 

122. Same thing with deodorants. Koreans generally do not sweat like us westerners so no need of wide range of options for deodorants. What does that mean for us westerners? We are screwed when we need to buy it. 

123. Congratulatory Flower Arrangements. Ah yeah, the must-have item of every new business, and with almost always pink ribbons on them. Seriously, that's how you spot that a business is brand new. The thing I don't know is who gives them the flowers, or do they buy them for themselves? lol.

A brand new coffee shop near my job 

124. 화병 (Hwabyeong). A student of mine told me about this when we were talking about our differences of how we express ourselves. My student was making the point that she felt that Americans are more expressive and aren't too shy to share their feelings. She also added that she was jealous of that part of the American (more like Western) culture and wished she could do that just as easily.

In Korean culture, a lot comes down to saving face. Things get bottled up. Eventually, some people develop this disorder. What is interesting is that this is a disorder particular to Koreans; on Wikipedia it is called a culture-bound illness, and it's supposed to be different from the western type depression. 
water coolers at school

125. Free water. One more reason to love Korea! Think of all the places in the States where you can get free water. I'm sure a few places come to mind, but what about a business selling electronics? a government office? Yup and yup. In restaurants, you don't even have to ask for it because it's the first thing that is brought to your table. 

At work, we have a water cooler on every single floor of every building (my building has 8 floors). So if you visit Korea, just bring an empty water bottle hehehe. Oh and don't worry if you visit during the winter, just bring a thermos because each water cooler is equipped with hot water as well.

So what's up with me?  A whole lot of Netflix and Hulu hahaha. I've been trying to save money for this upcoming vacation, as well as trying to shed some pounds, so pretty much trying to stay in. 

I've checked out a couple art exhibits, my Booboobear turned one, I checked out Koreans dancing ballet folklorico at the Latin Festival, and my birthday celebrations were amaaaaaaazing hehehe. Thanks for the lovely presents, outings, drinks, cards, and love from those I love <3. 

       The Botero chubsters                                           Frida 

Anyways, thanks for reading!


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