Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The list goes on

127. Dirty veggies. Ever found dirt on your vegetables that you just bought at a store? I can only think of ever finding anything close to dirt in lettuce heads. Here in Korea, supermarkets sell some vegetables deliberately dirty. Why? The only thing I can notice is that they are a little cheaper. So yeah, I don't mind washing stuff at home while saving a little hehe.

that's a carrot! sean malpensados.
 128. Cinema snacks. Squid anyone? I've actually grown to like squid as a snack; it's not bad. But yes, theatres do have the normal stuff: popcorn, hotdogs, nachos, etc.

129. Students don't bring notebooks/paper. As a teacher, this really bugs the crap out of me. What kind of students do not bring notebook paper to school?!?! Where do they takes notes?? 

Seriously, every time I ask students to take out a piece of paper, they'll scramble to find some piece, and it turns into a  rip-and-share situation for a few seconds until everybody has a piece. 

What's really interesting is that most of the classrooms in my university will have a pile of blank paper under the teachers' desks. I've never asked who is it for, but I'll usually use it to give it to students to save time.

130. Way of counting on paper. So you know when we count, we do this?

In Korea, they do this:

I don't get it at all haha. This picture is from a bartender keeping track of drinks.

131. Drinking beer with a straw. Yeah, that happens. I've only seen girls do it, maybe to be cute. I hope they know that drinking beer like that could get you drunk faster ....or maybe that is the plan ! Consume less calories hahaha!

A few other things worthy of mentioning. I decided to start taking Korean classes again. I feel like if I'm going to be here a while longer, might as well give it a shot. I failed miserably last time, but that's because I was sooooo overwhelmed. Not only was I learning a new language, but I was also learning a new alphabet.

I feel more optimistic about it this time. I'm in level 1 in a free program which pretty much is a refresher of everything I know. But I do hope to move on to the next level for the next session, yay!

I've also been doing some volunteering work at a soup kitchen. It's been nice to see the smiling faces when they see a foreigner serve their kimchi, lol. Though sometimes the men (it's 99.9% men) are grouchy, I don't hold it against them; I can only imagine what they go through. 

I would love to go back to volunteering at the dog shelter, but to be honest it was a little frustrating that we were not able to understand each other. I sometimes walked dogs that needed special attention, but there was no way I could communicate that to the staff. 

Last but not least, I tried something I never thought I would try, sannaji !!

Some coworkers and I went to a seafood place in our hood for dinner and ordered a combo special which to our surprise included this dish. But just to let you know, this is the baby version. When you order it as the main dish, it is not chopped into little pieces, so you pretty much have to munch on long moving tentacles (you can find videos on YouTube). I would never ever order it as a main dish, so in a way I'm glad it came with our combo. Anyways, yeah, it wasn't bad. The dipping sauce gave it a good flavor because otherwise it's kind of bland. 

Would you try it?

Happy autumn !

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