Sunday, April 24, 2016

Crazy shit!

I've written more than once about the lack of caution drivers have in Korea. Just now though, I witnessed the craziest thing. A toddler was alone walking from an alley to the street -she looked like she was 1 year old. My obvious reaction was to wonder where she was walking to and where were her parents. She was holding a phone and seemed to be talking to someone. I wasn't sure if she was actually receiving instructions to walk towards someone or just pretending. 

As she got near the street, I got concerned that she would have to cross the street alone. A car passed her by barely missing her. Then a motorbike also passed by barely noticing her. I was about to jump from my seat to go get her.

Then another car came and instead of stopping or even slowing down, it just honked like crazy. Thankfully, there was a group of ajjeoshis who held her back and rescued her from getting ran over.

But seriously? What driver just hunks at a little girl?! The driver should've done everything in its power to come to a complete stop, A COMPLETE STOP!! 

Her grandma later came out running from a house from the alley. She thanked the ajjeoshis and walked away. She didn't even seem to be concerned that she could've been ran over. The little girl shouldn't have been on the street alone to begin with, but that driver would've had aaaaaaall the blame if something had happened. 

My heart is still beating so fast right now that I can't drink my coffee anymore.


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