Wednesday, April 20, 2016


St. Patty's ...Spring kick off!
Time to get back to writing; sorry, it's been a busy semester. Not only am I taking Korean classes, I'm also working 5-days a week like a real person, boo! In case you're wondering, yes, uni jobs here usually contract you for 4 days/week (sometimes 3), but most universities are going through changes, so now the foreigner staff is the first victim. I'm not complaining; I am still beyond grateful to have my job. I just have to get used to the schedule which has been a bitch. But like anyone else, gotta move on and fight that bitch. So here I am.

The List for today.

138. Children at coffee shops. This is so odd to see to be honest. I know I'm not a parent, so some may say that I don't understand. And maybe I don't, but what I definitely don't get is why parents think it's a fun idea to take their kids to a coffee shop. They drink their coffee and chat with their friends while the children sit there with a smart phone playing games. 

Isn't this selfish?

Why not get coffee to go and meet your friends at a park where your kids can be kids? Mmmm.
At my local coffee shop ..notice the excitement of the boy on the left

Do parents do this in Murrica?

139. Want to get a tattoo in Korea? No problem! No, it is a problem! You would have to look for a tattoo artist who has a medical license. This is the legal way of course which doesn't even exist because it's a ludicrous combination. What doctor decides to tattoo on the side? Or what tattoo artist will put himself/herself through medical school just to tattoo?
This law leads tattoo artists to be labeled as criminals and hide underground; total bullshit!

I actually don't know fur sure it it's a medical license that's needed, so it may be something similar. But what I do know is that it ain't that easy to just pop open a tattoo shop.

Watch this:

First official picnic of the year!!
140. One of the most anything things of going to a restaurant in Korea: one menu for everyone. Gaaaahhh!!! I don't get it. Seriously. The worst is when we have a huge group of people and pretty much have to wait in line to take a look at the menu. Some of us sometimes have to resort to stealing menus from other tables, lol. For those of us who are indecisive, we may have to wait in line again to take a look at the damn thing *le sigh*.

My guess as to why they do this is because Koreans share their dishes, so maybe one person takes charge and orders for everyone. The funny part is restaurants that serve Western food also follow the one-menu-per-table thing even though most Western food isn't meant to be shared. On the other hand, the only restaurants that give each person a menu is restaurants that are owned by foreigners and serve western food.

141. 사랑니 (Sarang-ni= love teeth = wisdom teeth). I had a couple students tell me about this a while ago. They told me that in Korea when their wisdom teeth start to come out, it means they will fall in love soon. Cute!

Why do we call them "wisdom teeth"? Are we supposed to have more wisdom when we get them? HA!

Since spring is here, I'd like to end this post telling you about cherry blossoms that were in full bloom a couple weeks ago.

My new favorite place to see them is Kyunghee University. The cherry blossom trees were absolutely delightful. They felt more organic as opposed to the ones in Yeouido where they are planted in neat rows, boring!

I took my bicycle to the campus (only 10 minutes from my house!), but I wasn't sure what to expect. I was first impressed with how busy the university area is; there are lots of restaurants and cafes to enjoy, so I'm definitely going to go back to explore.

I also wasn't expecting that many people to be there. There were people having picnics, and there was even a couple taking their wedding pictures. But thank goodness it wasn't as crowded as Yeouido.

So next spring , head there!

Happy spring everyone!

PS: The title "Pop!" refers to a movie I just saw about Korean twins who were given up for adoption but were separated. The movie is called "Twinsters" and it's on Netflix, watch it!

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