Saturday, July 30, 2016

Heeeeeey, summer!

Summer is here, and so is the rain. Since this is actually my first full summer in Seoul,  I thought I'd add a few things to The List about summer.

This is an event we were supposed to go to, boo!
147. Rainy Summers (typhoon season). Though I love summer, Korean summers can sometimes suck because it rains quite often, and it is very unpredictable.

Korean summer is really icky as well. It is so humid that you sweat just by sitting down and being motionless. Add the rain on top of that, and it's a yucky feeling fest. Unfortunately, due to the rain, sometimes summer events get canceled, boooo!

Typhoon Sanba in 2012; it knocked over the school's canopy 
I held out on buying rain boots because I have never really needed them since I have summers off. And so if I just wear sandals wherever I go, I'm fine. This summer however, I'm actually working almost full time M-F, so I gotta wear nice shoes. About three weeks ago when it was raining really hard, my shoes got completely soaked that I was so uncomfortable throughout the day, so I decided to get a nice pair of boots. Cute, right?!

148. But when the sun comes out, it is picnic time!!! Picnics at the Han River are one of my favorite things to do when it's nice outside. Just pack up a bottle of wine, some cheese and bread, a mat, and you're ready to go. Actually, do don't even need any of that. You can buy almost anything there. You can even order takeout ...yes, takeout will be delivered to wherever you're sitting. When you get to the park, a flock of ajummas will attack you to hand you their take-out chicken/pizza fliers. 

The last time I was at the Han waiting for my friends near the subway station, I got so amused by their attacks that I started recording them. These ladies are intense! At some point, two of them started fighting each other because a younger ajumma kept pushing an older one whenever they approached a person, crazy!

149. In the video above you can hear them (00:26), the cicadas. They only come out in the summer and are annoying AF. They mostly stay on trees and blend in pretty well, so you'll never really see them. 

From what I've heard, cicadas have a very sad life. When they hatch from their egg, they immediately go underground and stay there for years until they become adults, come out in the summer, sing, mate, and die; que triste.

Y de paso aprendí que en español estos animalitos se llaman cigarras tenia idea jaja. 

150. This last one doesn't have to do with summer, but rather with the last post. I wrote about how Koreans like to sit on the floor at home. Some restaurants (Korean food) have floor seating as well. When I first came to Korea it was kind of annoying to go to those restaurants because my legs would get all numb. Now that I'm used to it, I don't mind it; I actually prefer it sometimes. But anyways, there is this bar in Gangnam that I've been to a couple times and it also has floor seating! You feel like a Roman lying down and drinking your cocktail. Awesome!

Other things happening in my life:

I passed my Korean Level 1A class! Woot Woot! 


WHY? Check out this map below. Google maps is not allowed to fully work in Korea because of national security (having to do with North Korea). The rhombus type shapes are the areas protected, thus nobody can use PokemonGo there. However, if you look closely, there is a tiny small area to the north east that does not fall under the protected area. Apparently, a few weeks ago, thousands of people flooded the city of Sokcho in order to play. I would go, but, meh, just too lazy.


Lastly, thanks to the Jisan Rock Festival, one of my dreams has come true. The awkward 13-year-old inside of me finally got to see the band that saved her life. AND IT WAS AMAZING! 

I was sick as a dog, but waited 7 hours standing in the sun surrounded by lame Korean teenagers all the way at the front so I could see them as close as possible. I'm still paying for it though; I'm still sick, and I don't know when I'll be all better. But again, it was all worth it!!

Hope you're having an amazing summer!

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