Saturday, April 22, 2017

Same ol' same ol'

Second time! ..hehe
Yeah, the dreaded "oh my god, it's been forever since I last wrote" post is here, yay! And as usual, the lazy bug got to me, and seems like this time it got me gooood. 

Why do I suddenly feel like writing? I feel accomplished!! This whole time that I hadn't written I completed the same Korean course twice, hahahaha. Today I completed the second one. I had to repeat it 'cuz I was not in a good place last time I took it. But this time I passed with 100% and perfect attendance, boom!
First time I passed level 1B (October) haha 
I even got a perfect attendance certificate, cool!
Today's additions to The List have no particular theme; they're all random things that have been put off because they wouldn't fit into the previous entries, lol. 

151. I'm not throwing any shade on this one; I am just pointing out a cultural difference which as much as it gets on my nerves, I can't do anything about it because again, it's not my culture. So what it is? Chewing food with an open mouth ... yeah, think about that one. When I asked some students about it, they told me it's a sign of showing that the food is good. What surprised me is that they also told me that it does bother some people... others not so much. 

Even though I have lived here almost six years -six, wow!- I still cannot get used to this. And yes, I do have friends who do this, but I will not be an ass and tell them to stop. What I do do is when my students tell me that they're going to study abroad and ask for advice about do's and don't's, the first thing I tell them is to not do this in public. 

candy a student gave me with his hands
152. This one I used to think it was a kiddy thing, but I've seen it with adults too. Let's say someone is eating candy or chips. They then offer you to have some, but instead of letting you grab some with your hand, they grab some with their hand and hand it to you. Gross. The only reason I can think of why people do this is that our logic of I-don't-know-where-your-hands-have-been is applied the other way around, and they don't want the other person's hand touching their stuff. Weird. But I'll still eat whatever they give me haha. 

153. If you go to any temple, you'll see these little stacks of rocks. From what I've heard, if you add a rock to it, it will bring you good luck. However, if you knock it down, it will bring bad luck, so be careful hehe. 

154. As the weather is finally getting warmer, I was reminded about this one. Warmer weather means shorter skirts hehe. You have to remember that in Seoul, we commute almost everywhere by public transportation which means that we will run into weirdos and pervs. Anytime we take the escalator or the stairs in the subway wearing a short skirt, we gotta make sure that no one tries to sneak a peak by covering our derrière with either our purse or use our hands to keep the skirt from flapping around. Yes, this is a problem. That's why in iphones and other phones you cannot disable the picture shutter sound so that pervs don't take indecent pictures in public. 

And no, I will not accept anything like "well that's your fault for wearing short skirts"... I wear what I want!

Dress shop shopping! 
155. Back in December one of my good friends got married, so I got to know more in detail all the preparations that are different from ours. The one thing that stood out the most is that instead of choosing a dress, you choose a dress shop. The first thing to do is go dress shop shopping -this involves going to shops and trying on dresses that they have and getting to know the staff. After choosing it, they will rent you all the dresses that you'll use for the wedding and the photoshoot (yes, wedding dresses are rented and brides get to wear multiple dresses, especially for the photoshoot ... oh and the photoshoot is one or two months before the actual ceremony, lol). 

Heidi came to visit (for Nicky's wedding) yay!!! 

At my friend's wedding photoshoot

156. You think you're cool with your unicorn sugar loaded frapp? Nope! We get cherry blossom sugar loaded stuff too ....every year! ...and not just food, but cherry blossoms on errthing! 

Check out this EatYourKimchi video where they try cherry blossom food in Japan. And even though we don't have as many things like in Japan, we still get some interesting things. 

Daiso cherry blossom goodies

Cherry blossom burger anyone?

Cherry blossom .99c galore!
So what else went on this whole time? ....

Saw Kimchi for my Epic 30th Celebration, yay!

Finally got to eat a McDs apple pie! (they were only brought temporarily just like the Reese's McFlurry)

Knocked Hobbiton off my bucket list! ...amazing place!!
Enjoying my complementary drink at the Green Dragon Tavern

Had a mini Pohang reunion with Matt in New Zealand

yeah baby! 

My first Boxing Day with the Bolton Family

Went to Australia and hung out with some furry friends.

Went diving in the Great Barrier Reef ...another bucket list item. I also got my advanced certification, yay!

Went to Sydney too :)

The Blue Mountains in all their glory .... -_-
So about eleven years ago I saw Coldplay for the first time and it was epic. Last weekend they came to Korea for the first time, and I was lucky enough to get a last minute ticket from my friend Jayoung. This concert doesn't even compare to when I saw them last; they had the whole enchilada from fireworks to balloons to singing a little song written specifically for Korea, cuuuuuute!

That's it! That's 7 months worth of writing haha. I will not make any promises as to when I'll write next since who knows when my booty will want to sit down again and write even though I enjoy it a lot.


PS: Nobody in South Korea is worried about North Korea. We all know here that it's all exaggeration from the media. People are instead focused on the coming election since the last president was impeached. So don't worry about me hehe

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